Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

NDIS & Aged Care Software Provider of the Year 2023 Datanova is an Australian based software development and service-based company focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to its clients. Founder, Christian Krauter shares his vision with us as he celebrates a win in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. As an advocate for adopting the digital age through a secure, cloud-based digital ecosystem, Datanova combines trendsetting innovation coupled with superior client support to deliver fast, easy-to-use access to information anywhere, on any device, to enable better decision-making, leading to greater profitability for its clients. Datanova supplies Australian and New Zealand service providers with software solutions to manage effectiveness and compliance under Disability, MyAged Care, NDIS, Foster Care, Housing, and other Australian social services. The firm’s founder and visionary, Christian Krauter realised there was an opportunity in the disability and aged care sectors to empower companies with easeof-use systems with low admin overheads to underpin profitable growth and compliance. Flowlogic, Datanova’s innovative digital ecosystem, effectively minimises administration costs and maximises service deliverables by providing companies with a 360-degree view of their clients and compliance to meet the expectations of today’s market. “Over the last four years, Flowlogic has become a trusted brand in the industry, loved by our clients,” Christian explains. “Even through the recent global pandemic, strong leadership and our great people ensured that the brand stayed strong by sticking to its core values.” Today, support organisations rely on Flowlogic for compliant service delivery and trust Datanova with the same transparency, reliability, and confidence they’ve come to expect from a trusted brand. To prevent wasted time and resources, FlowLogic reduces administrative effort, effectively Jan23680 allowing staff to focus on the support of their consumers/ participants and empowering their ability to achieve the goals and outcomes of Aged Care and NDIS, giving the organisation a competitive advantage. FlowLogic’s user centric interface was developed with simplicity, ease of communication, and user effectiveness in mind, thus allowing businesses to focus on the quality of the information staff are entering and to help improve overall performance and accountability. Above all, FlowLogic empowers organisations to not only perform these required tasks, it also allows them to report, analyse, and act upon system alerts, preventing possible shortfalls in business awareness. “Our systems provide the most actionable data and insights into the industry and make this data available to our clients,” continues Christian. “We improve outcomes, operate efficiently, and meet today’s clients’ expectations by ensuring existing requirements are explicitly understood before the commencement of any work, and then soliciting feedback to ensure continuing and complete satisfaction with the services provided.” Building a mutually profitable relationship with its customers is of the utmost importance to Datanova. By doing this, the firm can ensure its clients’ long-term success by understanding their needs and the needs of their participants, consumers, clients, and families. “It takes more than technical expertise, experience, or a global team of talented people to get results,” Christian continues. “Our initial approach into any partnership is to establish great collaboration from start to finish. This allows us to gain insight of our partners needs and ultimately assist them to the road of success.” Regarding staff, the team at Datanova is smart, passionate, and creative, and their integrity and commitment are unmatched. The successful completion of any work within the company is generally not an individual effort, but instead the outcome of dedicated and cumulative efforts of a number of people, each having their own importance to the objective. “When our clients accept a relationship with us, they get brilliant results in return,” Christian enthuses. “However, the road to an excellent final product is marked by multiple milestones. Step by step, we go through our proven process,