Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

REVL Training is pioneering a whole new era of functional fitness. Leading premium strength and conditioning training, the brand is elevating the standards of what it means to train in a team, and operate within a franchise. Through science-backed programming, elite coaching and an unmatched team atmosphere - the signature REVL experience builds results which supersede other offerings on the market. Changing the way members train, and transforming how they progress towards their goals. Founded in June 2020, REVL combines progressive strength and conditioning training, elite coaching and evidence based programming; to help members get fitter, stronger and leaner. Having identified a longstanding gap in the market, REVL provides PT level support within a group training environment. Making athletelike training regimes accessible to the everyday member, and supporting sustained, long term progression. REVL further distinguishes itself from other fitness product offerings through specific coaches accreditation, upskilling and career progression within the network. Whilst training blocks are expertly structured with results and member experience in mind - there’s a key appreciation within the brand that delivery is, ultimately, dependent on coaches. And, as global presence continues to grow, the REVL Training product team works hard to ensure that the unique essence of the REVL product is not commercialised with this growth. While most generic training programmes and group fitness products fail to provide the necessary stimulus for members to see long term results, REVL’s programmes are designed to make members stronger, fitter and leaner, by simply training the program provided inside the studios consistently. Using training methodology backed by science, REVL’s programmes incorporate target-based, team-led training, creating a unique training environment that produces results. REVL offers three programs designed and tailored to meet the specific goals of their members. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are Total, Lower and Upper strength sessions - where members have the option to choose between progressive strength in Perform, or the sculpt and sweat program in Move. Tuesdays and Thursdays host alternating interval and endurance Sweat sessions; combining functional movements to build anaerobic and aerobic conditioning and fitness. Members can also train in Team and Community specific Sweat sessions on Fridays and Saturdays - where they work together to achieve specified targets. The resulting energy at REVL pushes members to achieve far more than they would training alone. Across all sessions, REVL programming is tailored around individual needs. Offering a personalised approach to group training - its this unique approach which has sustained member retention, and interest in new locations. And, as the brand continues to expand, a distinguishing pillar of REVL success which they strive to maintain. To fuel its expansion, the company has conducted extensive research to pinpoint key areas for future improvement. A recent member survey is in alignment with this priority, and has proven to provide targeted ways to innovate and develop new technologies around the REVL member experience. Redefining the rules of group training for members, by members. The upcoming developments including a new website, onboarding support content and exclusive REVL technology, stand to give members the tools to help them perform and progress throughout each training block. Having identified a longstanding gap in the market, the REVL success speaks to the high standards the brand has maintained in offering something beyond the rest. Maintaining REVL specific coach accreditation, tailored feel and expert science backed programming, REVL Training continues to build out a framework which offers results and member experience that competitors cannot. Now operating in over 20 studios throughout Australia, Dubai and Singapore- the brand continues to expand its reach to meet growing global demand. Following the signing of a recent master franchise agreement, REVL is set to expand this reach further with 15 studios to open across Singapore by 2028. The success of REVL Training in Singapore’s diverse market triggered a surge in franchising activities in Southeast Asia and increasing demand in key markets like the UAE, UK, NZ, and USA. Having just launched 3 new studios in Singapore within the first quarter of 2023, REVL now turns to these new market territories for expansions within the next 12-14 months. Aligning current trajectory with the vision to become the global destination product for a premium group fitness experience. As a result of its effective strength and conditioning training programmes, dedication to improvement and growth, REVL Training has won Best Group Fitness Studio in the 2023 Australian Enterprise Awards. The future is undoubtedly bright for REVL as it sets its sights on expanding the brand to numerous locations worldwide. Contact: Ben Woolford Company: REVL Training Web Address: Best Group Fitness Studio 2023