Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Best Naturopathic Women’s Health Resource 2023 Naturopathy is a form of medicine that is used as an alternative to invasive medicine. There is a huge amount of naturopathic techniques and practices that are centred around self-healing and natural methods. We’re pleased to present Happy Healthy You as it wins this title for its neuropathic work with its clients. By definition, naturopathy stems back to the Latin “natura,” meaning birth, and the Greek “pathos,” meaning suffering, suggesting natural healing and rebirth after suffering with ailments. Of course, this definition is indicative of the power behind naturopathy as it aids us in the transformation of negative health conditions to a more positive, healthy way of being. “Founded in 2015, Happy Healthy You is an Australianbased health and lifestyle company established by Olympian, Lisa Curry and Naturopath, Women’s Hormonal Specialist and Author, Jeff Butterworth to provide women with information, products, and natural alternatives to hormonal imbalance.” With many years of combined experience that is deeply rooted in nature, Happy Healthy You offers a pathway to health using methods that are natural to us. By staying true to nature, Happy Healthy You is able to share a vision of health – then make it happen for each of its patients. “No pseudo-science. No artificial nasties. No cheap fillers. Just honest, research-based nutrition with high-quality ingredients formulated by in-house naturopaths and nutritionists that your body will thank you for.” Women’s health is a huge topic that is constantly evolving as we learn more about the difficulties of hormonal changes and chemical balance via biometrics. Happy Healthy You encourages women to embrace their biometrics in relation to sleep and stress levels. It creates a relationship between a woman’s mind and her body, and it knows exactly how to develop products that are focused on improving the balance of biometrics – so that women can function to their full potential and enjoy life again. Happy Healthy You began as a women’s health company that focused on the menopause – which is a hugely underrepresented topic in today’s society – and it has developed to be so much more for people of all ages, requirements, and situations. Happy Healthy You has designed and launched products for teens on their menstrual cycle journeys as well as providing solutions for sleeping problems, anxiety, headaches, and stress. At Happy Healthy You we do not just sell products, we encourage a holistic lifestyle and healing through our communities and our team of practitioners. To do this we offer support tools to work together with our products for sustainable health. We have an online community of over 200,000 women and a unique practitioner to patient model available for ongoing Jan23696 support to guide customers, along with tailored programs developed by nutritionists, fitness instructors and naturopaths. These work in conjunction to encourage harmony in the body as opposed to using products that simply mask symptoms. “Happy Healthy You believes that there are plenty of developments ready to unravel in the near future. Of course, we all want a better, healthier life, but we don’t always know exactly how to achieve that. There will be times when we feel we are doing it all alone – which is exactly why Happy Healthy You is there with you every step of the way.” Its team of practitioners support clients in a way that helps them to be happy and healthy. By being “authentic, current, well researched, honest, and most importantly effective,” Happy Healthy You is reaching and assisting a huge number of patients. When it comes to the changes we face in the naturopathy industry, Happy Healthy You understands that we are always growing, and that we will rely on technology more over time. “The future of health lies in AI. As individual practitioners there is always limitations. The emerging trend is in biometrics and within a few years’ time we will have the ability to constantly monitor health metrics via the blood, nervous system, and organ function. Constant monitoring analysed by AI will predict diseases before they develop and diagnose health conditions.” At HHY we are already encouraging women to embrace biometrics relating to sleep and stress levels and how our products affect these readings. We will continue to develop products focused on improving patients’ biometrics and hence health status. Winning Best Naturopathic Women’s Health Resource 2023 is a monumental achievement, for Happy Healthy You as it helps people to improve their lives and stay on that path to good health. Naturally, we need to want to help ourselves to be able to better our lives – and Happy Healthy You is there no matter what the issue seems to be. We are pleased to present it with this accolade in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023, and we look forward to seeing what it does next as it continues to adapt to the market. Contact: [email protected] Company: Happy Healthy You Web Address: