Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Dec22600 Surveying has come a long way since the early days. The highest performing surveying companies utilise cutting-edge technology and modelling software to deliver photo-real surveying data that ensures projects are delivered on time, on budget and with laser-precision. It’s this dedication to progressive technology and techniques that secured Leigh Surveyors a prestigious win in the 2023 Australian Enterprise Awards. Having worked on numerous significant infrastructure developments in Queensland over the past 50 years, the team at Leigh Surveyors understand that delivering world-class projects requires world-class surveying solutions. For Director & Senior Surveyor, Rupert Leigh, it’s this drive to solve problems for clients that motivates the company’s investment in new technologies. “We thrive on working at the cutting edge to deliver the best for our clients,” he explains. “We provide surveying services for the whole project lifecycle. Regardless of the project size, we deliver fast results, exceptional attention to detail and responsive service. It’s our industry-leading technology that enables us to achieve this.” The company’s emphasis on utilising technology to advance the surveying industry means that Leigh Surveyor’s are widely recognised for their expertise, both on-site and within large contractors and government departments. Their long-standing, loyal client base and repeat work with major departments is testament to this. However, it’s the data modelling produced by Leigh Surveyors that needs to be seen to be believed. The company is a key professional services operator of Trimble’s MX-9 highdensity mobile laser scanner across Australia, and provides clients with exact, reliable and photo-realistic digital terrain models rich in millimetreaccurate measurements, along with significant volumes of interactive, useable data. The flexibility offered by Leigh Surveyor’s mobile laser scanning service is invaluable to its clients. “Our Trimble MX-9 is a vehicle-mounted or carriage-mounted system. This means we can capture data from our vehicles at highway speeds in any weather, without the need for road or rail closures. This is an enormous saving of time and money for our clients, and for our team and all those on-site, it’s a much safer work environment.” The accuracy and speed of mobile laser scanning also allows the team to monitor projects in real time to ensure all stakeholders are working with current data. “One scan can be sliced and reworked in many ways. This gives project teams the opportunity to uncover greater insights and identify and rectify any potential issues,” Leigh adds. Not only can Leigh Surveyors capture data on everything viewable from a vehicle, such as roads, rail, bridges and civil works, but data can also be collected below-ground, within confined spaces, and via drone. The benefits of having vast amounts of data quickly and easily accessible is something Rupert Leigh and his team understand from their extensive experience on largescale projects: “Ultimately, we work to save our clients time and money by giving them the accurate and timely survey data they need. Accurate data improves efficiencies and minimises costly variations.” The Leigh Surveyors team are currently working on a number of major projects in southern Queensland with clients such as Queensland Transport & Main Roads, Bielby Holdings, BMD and Mcilwain Civil – but they’re not just experts in transport infrastructure. “We’ve completed projects Best Civil Engineering Surveying Company 2023