Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23569 Founded by Carmel-Anne Villella, Soulfully Guided is a Tarot reading business that provides individuals with guidance, care, and encouragement so that they may become more fulfilled – while feeling supported and directed. Here we talk to Carmel-Anne about the work that she does as she continues to aid others in their complex lives. Tarot has a deep and rich history. From card games to divination, Tarot is a versatile and exciting subject and tool. It has been used for centuries to steer people in the right direction, pulling upon their deepest desires and introducing new perspectives to each of us. Soulfully Guided is a tarot business owned, founded, and run by Carmel-Anne Villella who is a caring, empathetic, and loving person willing to go the extra mile for her clientele. The business offers tarot readings in person, over Zoom, monthly tarot sessions, tarot parties, lessons, and more – both locally and globally. With a wonderful amount of love behind everything that goes on at Soulfully Guided, Carmel-Anne tells us, “Soulfully Guided is a reflection of where I am personally at in my own life. It reflects all the positive things I have become as an individual. I have struggled a lot in my lifetime and only up until the last 13 years, I began showing up for myself and healing from all my trauma. I actually then started Soulfully Guided as a very impulsive move that just felt right.” It is Carmel-Anne’s experience and honesty that pushes her to be more open with herself, and her clients. As one of the business’ core values, honesty is something that is peppered throughout every reading – especially as people truly need that when searching for guidance. In relation to finding oneself, just as she has done, Carmel-Anne shares, “At Soulfully Guided, we really pride ourselves on being approachable to people from all walks of life. We have created a safe and judgement free space for people to grow, learn, explore, and heal not only their hearts but their souls too. Each person is unique and so is their story. At Soulfully Guided, we recognise this. We treat each person and their service as an individual.” Ready to share her gifts with the world, Carmel-Anne set up a space where people could feel heard, understood, and encouraged to heal. Tarot helps with not only the good parts of life, but the shadow side of us – where we face our deepest emotions and fears in order to heal and learn more about ourselves. This gives us the ability to transform our lives, and Carmel-Anne couldn’t be happier to be part of her clients’ journey of the self. “At Soulfully Guided, although we are a spiritual based business and offer Tarot services in a variety of methods, there is a deep connection with enabling people to understand the deep psychology – and even patterns – of their problems and how their behaviour and beliefs are shaped around these problems. We also share methods on how to recognise unhealthy cycles and how to break them.” By delving deep into our psyche – with regards to our thought and behavioural patterns – we can start to understand who we truly are and what we need from life. By applying analytical interpretations of the cards, Carmel-Anne also relies on her intuition to guide the reading – so that we can all get more out of each session. Sharing her psychic and spiritual abilities with each client, Carmel-Anne truly immerses herself into the reading – and clients feel heard, seen, and led in the right direction. Clients can always count on Soulfully Guided to give them the power to believe in themselves, take on any challenge in life, and break down the walls that hold them back from achieving more. By doing so, Carmel-Anne empowers her clients so that they may live their lives to the fullest. Doing what is the best for its clients, Soulfully Guided treats each person as a complete individual. It offers insights, assistance, and kindness to all – and it ensures quality each time. Not only does Soulfully Guided guarantee excellence in its readings, but it promises value for money and affordable prices – meaning more people can access the help they need without feeling they can’t afford it. “Our clients are the most incredible people. They are genuinely people from all walks of life with the most broad variety of questions. I have found a wonderful tribe and community amongst our clients. They know I have their back and they have confidentiality and trust.” Most Compassionate Spiritualist & Tarot Reader 2023 “Soulfully Guided was established with the goal of helping people to gain great insight into their lives and to provide people with guidance, clarity, compassion, and understanding.”