Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Founded in 2015 and inspired by Thor, the godly defender of Asgard in Norse mythology, Azguard Security (Azguard) has built an indelible reputation in the Australian events space through a dedication to best practices. Following Azguard’s success in the awards programme, we spoke to Owner Joseph Oakes to find out more about its work, achievements, values and ethos. Security firms need to build a robust reputation for trustworthiness, commitment, diligence and credibility. After all, the industry relies on peace of mind – a client needs to be wholly confident that the security team has everything in hand, and they in turn can carry on doing what they do best, running the event. There’s a certain element of flying under the radar then when it comes to the very best security firms – those that work quietly in the background, tackling issues before they become an issue for the event organiser and attendees. Operating from its established Ballarat and Warrnambool base, Azguard has become one of the de facto leaders of the event security space. But it’s been a journey to that position over the last 8 years, defined to dedication and a commitment to the highest of standards, as Joseph explains in more detail. “Our commitment to reliability and lofty standards is made possible by the calibre of our people. We have built a team of positive, energetic, hardworking and respectful staff, led at management level by more than 50 years’ combined industry experience. “We are also committed to fostering an upbeat, positive and welcoming work environment. Integrity, professionalism, trust and credibility are at the core of our business. Our handselected, fully trained team has a high work ethic, and “can-do” attitude. Impeccable service and respect for every one of our customers is reflected by our diverse and loyal client base. We are a proud supporter of community organisations, LGBTQI+ events and a wide range of festivals.” By all regards, it is within event security that Azguard has made its name, with a standout track record for meeting all needs and requirements. “We provide industry-leading surveillance options, including a mobile CCTV camera trailer/command unit and accompanying standalone units incorporating technology such as high-level recording, facial and numberplate recognition. Our trained, respectful guards can monitor entry (bags, credentials) plus patrol grounds and premises to monitor attendees – ensuring smooth and safe running of events, concerts, conventions and parties. Guarding against theft plus unlawful, unruly or anti-social behaviour, our team caters to all scales of diverse events,” Joseph explains in more detail. Equally, compassion, professionalism, diligence and a strong work ethic pulses through Azguard. As a familyrun business, it understands the importance of team cohesion and communication in building a client-centric service that caters to the needs of its varied clientele, as Joseph continues to discuss. “Being a family-run business means inbuilt strong values and sense of care for our customers, backed by respect and appreciation for our staff. Our name reflects the way that we cover the A to Z of security, while also tapping into the legend of Thor, mythical defender of Asgard. “Accredited with ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association), we strive for continued professional development and to stay up to date on the best technologies, talent, processes and procedures to ensure that we remain ‘cutting edge’ in our offerings and in the ability of our team. We also pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer and maintain strong links to our community, reflected by our sponsorship of the Rokewood Corindhap Football & Netball Club.” As it stands, Azguard’s team is swiftly growing on the back of an organic expansion. Naturally, all members of its team are fully qualified and expertly trained to work in the security industry, with – as aforementioned – a constant requirement to develop their skills on an ongoing basis. “We incorporate the latest technology and stay up to date with industry trends, enabling us to continue to raise the bar for security services in regional and metropolitan Victoria,” Joseph adds. Today, Azguard offers comprehensive services within the crowd control, static and armed guard, cash in transit, event security and surveillance sectors, with a noted ability to meet the highest of expectations for all clients. This is clearly evident within the company’s numerous positive testimonials, which showcase the compassion and ability of the entire Azguard team. Working alongside such clients as Mars, McDonald’s, Formula1 and Nando’s, Azguard has swiftly secured its position as one of the best security companies working in Australia, trusted by corporate giants and indie festivals alike. For this reason, and all those listed above, it is certainly a well-deserved winner of the title, ‘Best Event Security Guard Hire Company 2023’ in Victoria, with a future dedicated to further growth, enduring success, and, perhaps most importantly, happy clients. Company: Azguard Security Contact: Joseph Oakes, Company Owner Email: [email protected] Best Event Security Guard Hire Company 2023 – Victoria “Azguard has built its reputation through providing peace of mind and assurance to key clients in hospitality, retail, banking, festivals, sports events and expos.” “Thank you to all your team … I have never met a more accepting, honest, fun and kind bunch of event security.” - Jesse, Chillout Festival Volunteer