Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Mar22270 Workplace mental health issues are estimated to cost $1.52 trillion globally. All managers should know how to prevent these issues from occurring and support employees who are struggling, especially where hybrid working is an option. Graeme Cowan Enterprises (GCE) equips managers with the skills they need to tackle mental health in the workplace and maximise team productivity as a result. Many people feel stressed and burnt out at work because of the uncertainty and rate of change. GCE helps managers and teams, to be more caring and resilient, and enjoy growing together. The benefits of having psychologically safe and mentally healthy work teams are clear, but it’s not always easy for leaders to address the burnout challenges that arise. GCE programs equips leaders and managers with the skills needed to build resilient team members who learn and grow together. This ultimately results in increased wellbeing, innovation, and performance. These programs are delivered ‘in person’ or ‘virtually’ and are designed to turn knowledge into action. The main keynote and workshop topics include SELF CARE: Building resilience for uncertain times – CREW CARE: Growing psychologically safe and resilient teams – and RED ZONE CARE: How to support a team member in distress. It is essential that we focus primarily on training managers because Gallup research tells us that they contribute 70% towards the engagement and wellbeing of the team. GCE programs help leaders to build team connection and belonging, which is critical for successful hybrid work. They also show why psychological safety is the #1 predictor of the best teams, and ‘having each other’s back’ is a foundation for high performance. Their training has been used by organizations such as Aldi, Allianz, NAB, EY, Worksafe VIC, Bunnings, Core Logic, Goldman Sachs, tafe, QBE, EML the University of Sydney and the Reserve Bank of Australia etc. GCE’s sister company, WeCARE365, provides scalable eLearning that helps managers to build mentally healthy teams. These multi award winning programs can be customised and hosted on a customer’s Learning Management System. Their products include: WeCARE Manager (50 minutes plus 12 nudge videos) WeCARE for all (25 minutes) and WeCARE PsychSafety (60 minutes). WeCARE365 also hosts The Caring CEO podcast where Graeme interviews senior leaders who champion a culture of care AND high performance. The company’s founder, Graeme Cowan, is a professional speaker and mental health author, who has lived experience with mental illness. He has also been awarded TOP VOICE 2022 about mental health by LinkedIn. Having been through a 5-year depressive episode, he understands the importance of resilience, mood, and performance. His firsthand experiences inspired him to create practical programs to improve workplace mental health. GCE has won Best Workplace Mental Health Training Organization in the Australian Enterprise Awards. The company has introduced a new keynote topic: ‘Building team connection and belonging in a hybrid world’ and will introduce other relevant topics for the new world of work. Contact: Graeme Cowan Company: Graeme Cowan Enterprises Web Address: and Best Workplace Mental Health Training Organisation - APAC