Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

When you’re searching for a tenant for your property, you never want to have a stressful encounter. Regardless of what sort of tenant you find, guaranteeing the wellbeing of your property without professional supervision can be a headache in itself. There’s so much involved, and knowing where to start is arguably one of the hardest parts of the entire process. Thankfully, Polleys Realty is able to take your concerns and struggles into its own hands to find the perfect tenant for you. And with a desire to truly get to know its clients in order to maximise its efficiency, you can be sure you’ll be receiving a service tailored completely to you. Most Client-Focused Property Rentals Agency - Queensland Established as a way to make a stand against the mistreatment of clients and staff within the property rental agency field, Polleys Realty has already managed to break the mould when it comes to property management in Queensland, Australia. Whilst most agents in the craft see their clients as moneymakers, Polleys Realty takes a completely different approach. Nicole, director of the business, makes her views on her clients very clear. In her own words, ‘clients are not just another number on a rental roll’. Your interests are Polleys Realty’s priority through and through, and with a carefully selected team who operate in tandem with the business’s values, you’re guaranteed to have a seamless experience. With years of property management experience, Nicole built Polleys Realty from the ground up to ensure that property owners are truly making the most out of their investments. She details how she shares a common interest with all of her clients, and this is to ensure that whatever property they’re renting out gains both the best tenant and proper care too. Polleys Realty understands how vital it is for property owners to select the correct tenants, and is there to provide advice and guidance wherever it’s needed. Each team member is aligned with the core values behind Polleys Realty, and will each do everything to ensure that you’re satisfied and well taken care of. Additionally, Nicole has set herself very high standards when it comes to the practises of her business. She’s keenly aware of how property owners may struggle to rent out their property on their own, and has employed a system that makes every client feel valued and serviced. She recognises that investors are the backbone of her business, and therefore dedicates Polleys Realty to providing flawless results. And with a straightforward website that’s beyond easy to navigate, starting your journey towards finding the best tenants for you has never been simpler. If you decide to work alongside the team at Polleys Realty, Jan23342 you will never again have to concern yourself with inadequate, uncaring services. Polleys Realty is all about you and what you need, and will stop at nothing to ensure you emerge from the process satisfied and stress-free. The team will help manage your tenants so that your property is well cared for, and will constantly leave you feeling assured that you’ve made the right choice. Not only is Nicole eager to help, but her friendly and welcoming demeanour will make you feel at ease immediately. Her passion shines through her work alone, which has led to Polleys Realty evolving into the awardwinning business it is today. Finding a professional to handle your property management matters is easy enough. However, the difficulty comes in seeking out a business that truly has your priorities in mind. Not every agent is as committed to your end goal as you are, and it can be disheartening. Thankfully, Polleys Realty will always be there to extend a helping hand, and will treat your cause as its own. With expert knowledge and years of experience, Polleys Realty truly couldn’t be any better for you. Contact: Nicole Polley Company: Polleys Realty Web Address: