Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

MIA Quikskips & MIA Quik Waste is a waste removal company situated in the town of Griffith, New South Wales. Let’s take a look at why it is one of the best in the business and what the future looks like for the dedicated team behind the scenes. Best Skip Bin Hire Company - New South Wales Naming the company after the local area was an easy decision for husband and wife team, Brian and Sonya Irvin at MIA Quikskips & MIA Quik Waste. Pointing towards the local heritage and culture has been a big bonus for the team. They have been servicing the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA) in the Riverina region since early 2004, a venture started by a husband and wife after making the decision to sell the family farm and purchase a sole skip truck. Taking advantage of gaps in the industry, the enormous need for machinery that could lift more weight and carry more volume led to the growth of MIA Quikskips. In the Riverina, it was the first company to offer telescoping waste trucks and skip bins with wheelbarrow doors. Construction workers’, business owners’, and individuals’ jobs became easier to access and less labourintensive thanks to the skip bin’s design with drop-down doors for walk-in access. Having grown over the years, MIA Quikskips and MIA Quik Waste now operates a sizable fleet of skips, hook lifts, and front lift vehicles. In addition, the firm provides three types of bins in eight different sizes, ranging from 1.5 cubic metres to 26 cubic metres. When approaching a job, there is no job that is too big or too small for the company, with this being the team’s guiding principle and a major reason for their outstanding reputation. Largescale projects like solar farms, poultry farms, shopping centres, and medical facilities are all areas that the dedicated and experienced team have years of experience in. What’s more, there is an element of flexibility, as the team is willing to modify its tools and services to fit the task at hand. Furthermore, to accommodate all construction and clean-up scenarios, the company offers a sizable fleet of vehicles and a variety of bin sizes and types. Owing to its experience, MIA Quikskips and Quik Waste has been providing services to the same neighbourhood for almost 20 years. Around the area, almost everyone has heard of Jan23495 MIA Quikskips and MIA Quik Waste and is keen to use its services where possible. Each team member can provide an expert service to clients quickly and affordably. The company’s service, pricing, and products have proven to be incredibly beneficial in attracting new clients who are looking for dependable and professional service. Plus, there is no customer as good as a returning customer, and the team continue to ensure they provide a fantastic service to those who keep coming back. The number of returning customers the company has is a true testament to its success. The team have always been able to offer a service that is economical and effective in addressing the demands of each individual client. And it is interesting to note that what makes MIA Quikskips and Quik Waste so popular with long-term clients is the regional aspect and its local heritage, but there are plenty of other factors which have contributed to the success of the firm. As a local business in a rural area, they are able to provide good, old-fashioned customer service, meaning they can live up to the phrase “locals supporting locals”. Recently, the company has gained a new team member in the form of Brian and Sonya’s oldest son, who has earned a degree in marketing and commerce. In his role, he will produce innovative concepts and a novel method of doing business, improving the company’s prospects of attracting new leads. Also, outsiders looking in may find MIA’s Quikskips and MIA Quik Waste’s development to be particularly interesting because so many large-scale initiatives are taking place at once. The team enjoys working with new businesses that come to the Riverina and supporting the development of the regional society and economy. There’s no denying the bright future ahead. Company: MIA Quikskips & MIA Quik Waste Name: Brian & Sonya Irvin Email: accounts@miaquikskips. Web Address: Address: 10-12 Best Street, Griffith NSW 2680 Telephone: 0429627717