Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Clinical hypnotherapist, Dr Susan L Williams DQC Cl. Hyp, is dedicated to helping both people and animals through the power of natural therapies. Multi-award winner Sue is also a competitive horse rider. Understanding the challenges athletes face in order to continue to excel in their chosen discipline, Sue uses hypnosis as a tool to help them ‘get back in the game.’ We take a closer look at the benefits of hypnotherapy in sports. Hypnotherapy is often recognised as a quick way to change conditioned behaviour. Addressing negative habits and phobias, the therapy bypasses the conscious, analytical mind to tap into the subconscious. Reprogramming helps transform negative behaviours and reactions into positive ones. This in turn enables the subject to be more proactive in their choices and take back control of their emotions. In the world of sport, professional and amateur athletes alike seek out the benefits of hypnotherapy. Breaking down barriers, the process promotes improvements in both mental and physical ability. Well-known athletes such as Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Australian Olympic pole vaulter, Steve Hooker, have used hypnosis to improve performance. Dr Susan L Williams DQC Cl. Hyp is a clinical hypnotherapist with a difference. Sue is also a Licenced RTT® Practitioner, an NES Health Practitioner, and a Quantum Counselling Practitioner. Sue explains, “The clients who benefit most from sports hypnotherapy are those who have hit a roadblock with their sport. They’re not able to perform to their peak ability. They become overwhelmed with fear of failure and not being able to commit to a training regime. Many think ‘I can’t,’ ‘I’m scared,’ or I’m not worthy.’ These limiting beliefs stop them from being the best they can be and from doing what they love to do.” Using a combination of mindfulness practices and hypnotherapy sessions, Sue helps her clients regain confidence in their training regime and their performance. Making improvements to their psychological state also relieves fatigue and restores energy and focus. She tells us, “The power of a positive mindset may be the most powerful tool in the universe. I know that for many that’s a challenging statement. Humans are the most intelligent and resistant species on Earth but we have a huge inbuilt flaw. We love what is familiar even if it’s no longer beneficial or even, in some cases, harmful to us.” “Humans resist change. In a world of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, the only thing we can control is our mindset. All we really have is now. And while we are living in the now, thoughts can loop back and forth like an emotional rollercoaster of negativity.” Choosing to give all our attention to the past can lead to depression. Whereas concentrating on future outcomes often creates anxiety. Focusing our energy on the present is the key and with Sue’s help, her clients are able to redress the balance. As a horse rider herself, Sue is all too aware of how easy it is to lose confidence in the area of equestrian sport. She says, “It’s quite different to most other sports because it involves not only the human athlete but a large and sometimes unpredictable animal. It only takes one unfortunate accident or incident to make a rider lose all confidence and not want to continue in the sport. If you consider the amount of time and money invested to own and ride a horse, losing all desire to continue riding can be devastating.” After only one two-hour session with Sue, clients often see significant improvements in their mindset and well-being. As an individual on a fantastic mission to help others, Dr Susan L Williams is a woman we won’t forget. Contact: Dr Susan L Williams DQC Cl. Hyp Company: Sport Hypnotherapy Web Address: Best Specialist Hypnotherapy Practice 2023 - Melbourne Jan23476