Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23376 Have your child whisked into the fantasy world they’ve dreamed of with just a few swipes of Magical Meg’s face painting sponge. Whether they want to become the web-slinging Spider-Man, or Ariel’s aquatic best friend, this wonderful woman, winner of the Best Face Painting & Children’s Entertainer Award, can make it happen. Out of all the age groups, children are by far the most expressive of all of us. Not only are their imaginations beyond anything most adults can comprehend, but most times, simply playing isn’t a big enough outlet for these sparks of creativity. Children often need more, and that’s where Magical Megs comes in. Since her business was established in 2019 as Magical Megs Face Painting, and later becoming Magical Megs in 2021, Megan Patterson has always loved working with children. She states that it has ‘always been my passion’, and that she loves ‘creating special moments’ for children. Specialising in face painting, Magical Meg has an array of different characters that she has been able to represent for children across Sydney. And, with her professional qualifications in facepainting, there’s nobody better for the job than her. Since she has such thorough training in her field, Megan has been able to truly hone her craft. She understands the importance of using high-quality materials to produce stunning works of art on the faces of children, and how they achieve a safe, yet gorgeous, result every time. Not only does Magical Megs have years of experience in face painting, but she has a myriad of awards to partner her achievements. Some of these include the ALIBI Awards 2022, and What’s on 4 Kids 2021, 2022. Megan Patterson clearly has an immense passion for her artwork, as seen on her Instagram @ magicalmegsfacepainting, and she enjoys utilising her talents to make children smile. She believes children being able to express themselves, and having their feelings taken seriously, are some of the most crucial aspects of her job. Using such vivid and precise artwork to help the children she paints is just one way she’s able to help each child feel as though their dreams have come true. And, as her name suggests, Megan truly is magical. She goes above and beyond for every occasion she takes part in, even going as far as to attend parties in full costume. Bringing the magic alive for children is a priority for Magical Megs, and it’s made evident through the passion she holds for her profession that she’s more than deserving of her title of Best Face Painting & Children’s Entertainer Award (Sydney) 2023. Of course, her talents don’t end at face painting. She also does other work, including bubble blowing, balloon twisting, and she even offers the choice of 3D bling pieces for an additional cost. Magical Megs is very resolute in her standards when it comes to the quality of the equipment she uses, but also how to tailor her kit to suit her eco-friendly ambitions. Where she can, she opts for the most environmentally-friendly option, and she is also a member of PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance). Above all else, Magical Megs is an entertainer, as well as a fantastic face painter. Wherever she goes, fun and joy follows. Her skill is to be truly admired, down to the items that she crafts herself. It’s rare that you’ll find someone so dedicated to their core values as Magical Megs. Her love for her craft is unparalleled, and she uses her platforms to spread her passion and ideals. Whether she’s blowing bubbles of all shapes and sizes or painting up whatever magical creature you can think of, she’ll be sure to have something up her sleeve to make your child’s day truly magnificent. Contact: Megan Patterson Company: Magical Megs Web Address: Best Face Painting & Children’s Entertainer (Sydney): Megan Patterson