Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

May22239 Leading the way in renewable energy sources, KVA Power specialises in providing a range of alternative energy systems to ensure customers save both energy and money. We find out more about KVA Power, the Winner of Australian Enterprise Award 2023. Based in Perth, KVA Power is a Western Australian owned and operated business and a leader in providing renewable solutions, such as grid connected residential systems, residential hybrid/battery systems, and commercial and off-grid systems. Founded with the mission of promoting renewable energy uptake in Western Australia, the firm boasts a highly skilled and knowledgeable engineering team which has vast experience in designing and executing complex projects, consistently achieving the desired results set by the customer for their complete satisfaction. Reducing your carbon footprint and saving money are the two main benefits of switching to solar powered energy. Residential solar PV systems are a greener way to power your home and can protect you and your family from rising electricity prices. The battery systems, on the other hand, are even more grid independent and store solar energy for use during the night. But how exactly does solar power work? PV panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC). An inverter then converts DC into alternating current (AC), which then powers home appliances. If a solar battery is installed, excess energy is stored in the battery, which is used during evening or night time when there is no sun. Then, a bi-directional metre records import and export energy, and these readings are shown in electricity bills. Any excess energy is pushed out to the grid. Electricity retailers may even pay for exported electricity. Recently, KVA Power gained recognition in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 and was named Leading Renewable Energy Solutions Provider – Western Australia. Whilst this award is testament to the commitment of the whole team at KVA Power, the plethora of satisfied customers which the firm has served speak for themselves. One client comments, “Excellent customer sales service. An indepth explanation of each type of product with all necessary technical details. Excellent installation service from the electrician. Go above and beyond for the satisfaction of the customer. In my case, it was an old solar system deinstallation to ensure it can be reused somewhere else. Smooth transactions. Definitely a great recommended sale and service. Keep it up.” Email: [email protected] Phone: 1300 582 769 Web Address: Leading Renewable Energy Solutions Provider - Western Australia J Solar PV System with battery storage (Hybrid System) designed and Installed by KVA Power in 2022 have managed to supply 85.8% of total energy used from Solar PV and Battery storage since installed reducing reliance on grid power. System also has capability to function during blackouts Another example of a recently designed and installed battery system by KVA Power shows customer has used 95% of total energy used from Solar and Battery storage during the month of Feb 2023