Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23784 With her artwork regularly appearing in printed press, Olivia Collins is no stranger to worldwide recognition. Having successfully established her own company within the last decade, Olivia is now poised for further success and a bright future. We find out more as she is named in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. With a background in corporate marketing and art gallery management, onewoman band Olivia Collins has gained commercial success and international recognition since the inception of her brand, Olivia Collins Art & Design. Over the past eight years, Olivia’s original paintings have been purchased for both public and private collections across Australia, USA, UK, and Asia, alongside her popular prints selling across multiple online retailers both locally and abroad, and her designs being regularly featured in notable publications. Throughout Olivia’s artistic career, an enduring love of the beauty and diversity of the natural landscape remains a constant theme in her creative process and output. With a minimalistic aesthetic, Olivia’s atmospheric landscapes and elegant designs evoke a serene mood and sophisticated presence. “I prize originality of design, quality of craftmanship, and genuineness in people above all else,” Olivia explains. “I don’t think it matters what industry you work in; these core values are hard to find!” In a competitive and often transient environment such as the design industry, it is important to have a clear vision and to be able to communicate that vision to your audience. Olivia has always been determined to differentiate her work and develop her unique selling point by specialising in museum sized luxe pieces. Whilst it may be risky to ‘choose’ your buyer (and hence alienate larger sections of the market), this is essentially the underpinning objective of the luxury market, and something that Olivia resolutely adheres to. This diversification, international reach, and evolution of her practice has transformed Olivia Collins Art & Design from what started as a young mum chancing upon a resin art workshop, to a multidisciplinary business with clients and collectors spanning the globe. “I made the choice to create pieces for the high-end segment of the market quite early on in my artistic career and it has paid dividends,” she elaborates. “Sometimes you have to take that gamble. Great entrepreneurs and brands start with a vision, and continue to pursue that vision with unflappable focus.” Currently in the design industry the focus is on sustainability, and minimal environmental impact. Olivia is certainly seeing an increase in the use of alternate materials on an industrial scale, such as laminate surfaces for cleanliness and hygiene in a health conscious post-Covid world, and the rise of biophilic design and the imitation of natural forms across the furniture and product design sectors. She has experienced a widespread and heartfelt desire to bring the outside in through new styles of interiors and architecture, and a refreshing experimentation with form and function. “I believe we will see more cross-functional products coming to market in Australia – design pieces that serve multiple purposes, and contribute to the efficiency of use of materials for both beauty and longevity. My premier design collection which will launch later this year is aimed at servicing this niche market segment.” Recently, Olivia was recognised in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023 and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Contemporary Art Designer of the Year 2023 (Melbourne) by APAC Insider. This award is testament to Olivia’s commitment and dedication to her art, and demonstrative of the hard work she has put into her business over the last eight years since its inception. Having recently completed a set of large-scale commissions for Australia’s most exclusive resort and casino, Crown Sydney (an expansion on the design and interiors functionality of her practice) and returned from a sell-out show in Singapore, Olivia is looking forward to diversifying into product design in 2023 and is excited to be working on the first phase of her premier design collection. “The ‘Arcana’ collection has been designed with the collector’s mindset at the helm,” she enthuses. “The materials used in the collection pay homage to the origins of my art practice featuring natural Australian stone that celebrate the landscape’s raw beauty through the surface’s inherent colour and detail – the same brecciated veins as found in marble – and the structural forms accentuate clean lines and elegant shapes – the circle favoured as a symbol of unity, longevity, and all that is infinite.” Olivia is also preparing for two art shows this year and is in the process of finding a new, bigger studio space to allow for the large-scale exhibits and commissions – It’s definitely an exciting direction for 2023! Contact Details Contact: Olivia Collins Company: Olivia Collins Art and Design Web Address: Contemporary Art Designer of the Year 2023 (Melbourne): Olivia Collins