Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

32 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 Watercolour is Dee Jackson’s great love; as she says, “it is the fluid spontaneity that attracts me”. She works on commission andmost often paints from life sketches, photographs and digital images. Although Australia-based, Dee has spent several years living in South Africa and NewZealand, having commissioned portraits in these regions, as well as in Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA, and Vietnam. Portraiture by its very nature is an intimate experience. When Dee Jackson is creating a portrait, it is with great privilege that she closely studies each subject, whether that be babies, toddlers, teens, mums, dads, grans, cats or dogs. She is aware of that almost seamless link everyone has with their past or future, their hopes, joys or sorrows. Especially with families and children, she delights in seeing the love of a parent for their child – and it is an exploration of individual passion and character that she brings to her portraits. Dee describes it as a “charming and wonderful experience”. One of Australia’s most admired, passionate and authentic artists, Dee brings each portrait to life through beautiful watercolour, saying, “Watercolour lends itself to the softness and curves of the human form. It allows the artist great freedom.” It may be the mellow light and shade that creates seamless edges, drifting in and out of focus. Or perhaps the eclectic mix of music, textures or colours. Although each of Dee’s portraits essentially begins the same way – with discussion, planning, sketching, watercolour washes and glazes – the creation of each portrait is ultimately a unique experience. Often for Dee, the experience is cathartic, and it enables her to grow as an artist. Dee’s portrait commission process is simple. It begins with the client emailing their favourite image (or images) of the subject (the more the better so she can really get to know the character of the person being painted). She will then discuss with them how she sees the painting compositions (layout and size) and price, along with any other details. Once the client is happy, Dee will commence working on the portrait and when the painting is complete, she will email the image to the client. The client is free to feed back with any suggestions, for example the hair may need to be darker or lighter, or the eyes may need to be bluer or browner. She will then touch up any changes they may want to their satisfaction, and then proceed to have the painting professionally framed with her reliable supplier. The price includes mounting and framing under glass and delivery by courier anywhere within Australia. Over the last two years, Dee has been very busy with commissions, with it looking to continue into 2022. Since March 2020, the COVID-19 restrictions have affected the way artists exhibit their artworks, with galleries closed, workshops cancelled, and tutoring opportunities limited or not going ahead. There was a silver lining though; people looked inwards to their family, which saw a bonus in the form of an increase in online commissions. With galleries being closed (even temporarily), exhibitions pivoted towards being online. However, there is no substitute to seeing an actual artwork on the wall in a gallery. The size and colour and painterly expression is always better when you see an actual work of art. Dee now has her sights set on the future, with several portrait commissions to begin working on; some of these are new and as a result of a client seeing her work in a friend’s home or gallery, while some are repeat portraits for families. These portraits will take Dee well into the middle of 2022, and she will also continue with her workshops and tutoring commitments throughout this year and into next. Additionally, she has a “Special Ideas” folder which will keep her busy for the next few years. It’s safe to say that the future is looking bright for Dee Jackson Portrait Artist. Company: Dee Jackson Portrait Artist Contact: Dee Jackson Email: [email protected] Website: Portrait Artist of the Year 2022: Dee Jackson