Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 31 , Dogs have been part of the family for thousands of years – fromCorgis to Border Collies, and Chihuahuas to Kelpies, they have remained at the heart of society. AustralianWorking Dog Rescue Int focuses specifically onworking breeds, rescuing them from council pounds and providing themwith suitable family homes. Indeed, AustralianWorking Dog Rescue is on a mission to change the world of dogs for the better. Adopting a working dog can be incredibly hard work – they require a lot of training, space, and exercise. However, with the right amount of attention and care, owning a working dog has the potential to be a rewarding, wonderful experience. They are affectionate, playful, and loving, and over the years, working dogs have been noted for their loyalty and learning skills. Working dogs deserve a chance to thrive, to be healthy, and most importantly, to be loved. Henceforth, Australian Working Dog Rescue works to provide rescued working dogs a Best Working Dog Breed Rescue & Homing NPO 2022 new lease on life, finding them perfect forever homes. As a non-profit organisation, Australian Working Dog Rescue’s primary function is to save working dog breeds from being euthanised in council pounds and shelters and find new homes for them. The organisation covers the whole continent, from Queensland to Tasmania, and is able to accommodate for long distance, interstate and international adoptions. Ultimately, Australian Working Dog Rescue’s goal is to place working dogs with suitable families where they will live out active and happy lives. Both Di and Carey Edwards, the company’s founders, have a passion for making a difference. For 16 years Di worked as a nurse in various hospitals throughout Melbourne, and in 2005, she created the Cairns Dog Registry and Australian Pet Registry websites. Be it in the realm of medicine or the pet world, Di has changed the lives of many, and as of the founding of Australian Working Dog Rescue, her work has continued to make an impact. Meanwhile, Carey’s career began as a qualified carpenter & registered builder. Many of his skills have aided the growth of the organisation, including photography, computer programming, and a deep understanding of project and disaster management. The couple share the same vision – to develop a shelter that nurtures every dog that passes through its gates. Furthermore, both share the belief that no dog should die due to a lack of working ability, commitment, or space in a shelter or pound, and are passionate advocates for no-kill shelters. Indeed, they maintain that euthanasia should only be used for animals that need a peaceful death and would otherwise suffer without it. Moreover, Australian Working Dog Rescue serves as an adoption-only service and under no circumstances would it facilitate the sale of a dog. Therefore, the adoption process is simple, there’s a screening process for the potential owner and their homes must have adequate fencing and adequate shelter. Each mature dog is available for a fee of $495, puppies are available for $550, and senior dogs of 8-10 years are $200 AUD. Older dogs are available for a donation to the shelter. These fees cover desexing, microchipping, vaccines and the commencement of a monthly regime of parasite prevention. Responsible dog ownership is something that Australian Working Dog Rescue promotes and enforces unapologetically. Its devotion to the care of dogs is greatly reflected in the numerous reviews of the company and, of course, its adoption success stories. Hilary Owen left a review stating, “We have adopted two dogs from AWDRI now and have been very impressed with quality of service all members of the AWDRI team have provided. Both times they matched us with dogs that are perfect for our family and made the adoption process a breeze.” In addition, Claudine Williams added, “We have had three dogs (all still with us) from AWDRI and they are gorgeous! Thank you for giving us these beautiful dogs who enhance our lives so much. Thankyou also from the pups for giving them the chance to have the great life they deserve.” Such reviews encapsulate the heart of the company, displaying its dedication to rescuing dogs in council pounds and providing them with better lives. Consequently, Australian Working Dog Rescue is worthy of the title Best Working Dog Breed Rescue & Homing NPO 2022. Contact: Carey Edwards Company: Australian Working Dog Rescue Int Web Address: Jan22227