Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

26 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 Located inMaryborough, Australia, Zip Print Australia is recognised as Queensland’s Best CustomGraphic Printing Service Provider of 2022. Serving the Fraser Coast for over 20 years, Zip Print Australia is renowned for its breathtakingmodern solutions - supporting customers with positive experiences, excellent results and fantastic customer service that engulfs its clients from the moment they walk into their well-branded shop on Kent Street. At Zip Print Australia, the company offers a wide range of services from design and print, to promotion, laser engraving and etching and stamps. Moreover, the company is accredited for being the early pioneers in the Wide Bay region for digital printing and 3D printing services that covers design through to manufacturing. Overall, Zip Print Australia specialises in design, print and promoting and with its highly trained and expert team of individuals, members of staff can execute results with precision and high standards. Zip Print Australia prides itself on enriching both staff and customers through learned experiences, friendly service, and a welcoming environment. The family-owned business has been running for over two decades and holds a lot of its success to the ethical and visionary statements that the company makes inside and outside the businesses. Expanding on this, Stacey Cox, a fellow member of the Zip Print Australia family, states, “as a small business, we have successfully operated as a clan culture of an innovated team. We would, however, like to develop into a culture of leadership excellence.” An aim that is within reach now that the company has been recognised within the Australian Enterprise Awards campaign in APAC insider. Zip Print Australia is renowned for its plethora of business services accessible to Queensland’s community, one of which is the offering of digital printing equipment that produces high-quality results with optimal fast turnaround. Moreover, at Zip Print Australia, its printing range covers several business stationery needs from business cards, booklets and brochures to vouchers and postcards. For the company, the most recent trend in the industry is regarded to digital printing, which is currently shaping the business sector within Australia and internationally. Stacey continues from this point stating, “recent trends include more automated technology throughout the whole printing process and inline finishing options. New Digital printing technology excels in producing short print runs quickly and cost-effectively with the added benefits of more eco-friendly composition of inks and toners, as well as more efficient power consumption and wastage.” An innovative turning point for the company and others within the sector. Moreover, due to the impact of COVID-19 and the continuous changes in restrictions and guidelines, there has been a further increase in digitalisation within organisations. In particular, Zip Print Australia has currently seen a rising trend with businesses, with Stacey stating, “some recent print technology innovations worth noting include high-speed digital printing on demand, three-dimensional printing, hybrid print processes and the increased efficiency of digital print workflows. During the Covid period, Zip Print Australia capitalised on this opportunity to introduce 3D Printing, which is a growing and fast-evolving side of the industry.” Currently, for the company, Zip Print Australia is planning on expanding its innovation, talented staff members and productivity – keeping up to date with the most advanced technologies that keep the business at the forefront of the industry and leaders in digital printing with exceptional standards and results. Company Name: Zip Print Australia Contact Name: Stacey Cox Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Best Custom Graphic Printing Service Provider - Queensland