Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 27 , Recognised as Sydney’s Most Trusted Estate Agents, Trusted Estate Agents is an established performance-based real estate selling agency that services the Sydney residential property market. With its unique sales approach, Trusted Estate Agents sells Sydney houses for-profit as evidenced by their past Sydney house sellers. Trusted Estate Agents was launched with a dedicated and unparalleled mission driven entirely by a compelling sales offer – selling Sydney houses for-profit or seeing the house sale through to settlement for 0% agents commission, guaranteed in writing. At Trusted Estate Agents, the goal is to “rewrite the deceptive conduct rife within the industry, which essentially feeds on vendor greed. Whereby sales agents estimate on the promise of a high price and usually under-deliver, resulting in a fee for service for underperformance. Long after the promise of a high price, what lingers is the sour taste of a dishonest transaction,” explains Director Nick Xenos. Nick has been in the real estate business for over three decades and is the director of the resultsfocused real estate agency Trusted Estate Agents, which operates throughout the Sydney metropolitan residential property market. Due to his unique selling approach, Nick and the company have been renowned across the real estate sector with recognition to his’ house selling approach, with industryrespected professionals admiring his initiative. “The Sell Your Sydney House For Profit model developed by Nick Xenos does, in fact, maximise a property selling for a superior price. The robust nature of the principles and philosophy behind the model address issues that are critical to property owners. Allowing a frank and open transaction to take place,” states Peter Barton, President of the Most Trusted Estate Agents - Sydney Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Waverly Branch, Barton Estate Agents & Valuers. At Trusted Estate Agents, the company is committed to obtaining its client’s trust and dedicated to delivering uncompromising actions ensuring that what they say they do – they will do – total transparency. Trusted Estate Agents maintain, their role within the industry is to market and negotiate sale prices, and leave the pricing of property to registered valuers. However, since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses have had to adapt to the modernisation of society, changing the way company’s go about their business. Nick explains the challenges by stating, “admittedly it has been confronting, however, the pandemic has forced each of us to think well outside the box. As a selling agent with 30 years of experience, I was considered an analogue agent in a digital world, forcing me to learn and move forward in a digital environment. What’s changed? Web Design, Lead Generation, ZOOM Meetings, Digital Networking, Business Awards, Reviews. Now, these things are at the forefront of our minds daily.” The pressure to perform is that much greater. Trusted Estate Agents is continuously learning, growing and expanding with the modernisation and digitalisation of the industry and the world. Thus, utilising the silver lining brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic to keep up with the demand for modern practices and lead others in innovative ways as successful front-runners in the real estate agency business. For the future, Trusted Estate Agents is seeking to grow its establishment and looking to licence its selling approach to selling agents who wish to engage clients in an upfront and transparent way. Trusted Estate Agents are the Most Trusted Real Estate Agents – it’s not just their name, it’s what they do. Trusted Estate Agents, live and breathe their vision, values and business philosophy and focus purely on the quality of each client sale. Company: Trusted Estate Agents Name: Nick Xenos Email: [email protected] Web Address: Feb22113 Trusted Estate Agents sold our house for profit, where four previous agents failed us in succession. We sold our house in excess of today’s market value- Mr Vince & Mrs Josephine Pacialeo.