Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

14 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 , Tilegne Therapymakes therapy services approachable – it removes the stigma around speech, occupational, andmusic therapy, making themmore appealing to both children and adults. Indeed, Tilegne Therapy ensures that its clients get the treatment that they need, nomatter what their native tongue may be, what their age is, or what their accessibility requirements are. With Tilegne Therapy, no one is left behind. Created to resolve the increasing issue of a lack of speech therapy services catering to disadvantaged, migrant, and multicultural communities in Australia, Tilegne Therapy has created a compassionate and creative therapy service that endeavours to fill this gap. Indeed, Tilegne Therapy serves to empower its clients by not only aiding its clients’ speech development but helping them become more confident in who they are. Offering a comprehensive allied health service for children, adults, and seniors, the company utilises cutting-edge treatments to create effective treatment programs. Tilegne Therapy offers a vast range of services including occupational therapy, music therapy, a dietician, and, of course, speech therapy. Its services are bespoke – able to be tailored to its client’s exact needs – and are focused upon long-term solutions. Its speech therapy service, for example, differentiates between children’s and adult services. Within children, its speech therapy services can target a plethora of key areas including autism spectrum disorder related delays, speech clarity, receptive language, and functional communication. Whereas its adult services cover dysphagia, voice therapy, and speech and articulation, and much more. The company is on a mission to create inclusivity within the community and strives to support its diverse clientele via providing a range of opportunities that will improve lifestyles and push people to their full potential. Furthermore, providing both onsite and mobile services, Tilegne Therapy prioritises accessibility. Research shows that over four million people living in Australia have a disability, a fact which Tilegne Therapy takes to heart. Through and through, Tilegne Therapy has devoted itself to providing a non-discriminatory and transparent service, catering to underserved areas. Many of the company’s speech pathologists are bilingual and are equipped to provide therapy in a range of languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Nepalese, Spanish, and Malay. Therefore, it is able to target the needs of bilingual children more accurately, focusing on the true reason why speech is impaired. Bilingual speech therapy can move a client through their goals while taking into account language, accent, and dialect difference, whilst also allowing them to remain comfortable. Tilegne Therapy will not force is patients into using English, instead, it believes its patients – especially the children – benefit greatly from the opportunity to undertake therapy in their native language. It allows the patient to grow whilst maintaining their cultural ties. This is, in essence, what sets Tilegne Therapy apart from its competition. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a surge in demand for healthcare services – something which Tilegne Therapy has witnessed first-hand. The business had to transfer its services over to a telehealth model, allowing its clients to continue their treatment safely whilst abiding by the new restrictions. However, as the industry continues to grow exponentially, this has provided Tilegne Therapy with the possibility of new partnerships. Henceforth, the company is looking for new partnership opportunities with firms that maintain similar values. The upcoming year will see the introduction of a range of new services. Since 2020 the company has been designing and growing its garden, which it hopes to open for horticultural therapy services that will complement its traditional methods. In addition, it is actively developing a tea garden for clients, which it will incorporate in its speech therapy, occupational therapy, and music therapy sessions. However, its largest project comes in the form of two workshops focusing on Autism and ADHD that it will be running in December. Contact: Louisa Ong Company: Tilegne Therapy Web Address: www. Speech Therapists of the Year - Melbourne