Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2022 13 , Jan22165 Best Photography Services Provider - Western Sydney Sara Louise Photography creates art for all – embodying the fact that photography should be accessible, non-discriminatory, and creative. Be it boudoir shots or product photography, the company has cultivated an atmosphere of freedomand peace. With Sara Louise Photography, there is no judgement, just authentic beauty captured through a camera. The art world is a place for true freedom – to express yourself through whatever medium you see fit, be it oil paint, embroidery, or photography. There are endless possibilities, new ways to enrich the imagination, and thousands of opportunities to delve into and explore new worlds. However, at its core, the arts are – and should be – non-discriminatory, and there is room for everyone. The arts see wonder in every corner, beauty in every being, and inspiration within words. Sara Louise Photography truly captures the essence of inclusivity and creativity, maintaining a diverse portfolio of electrifying, candid, and high-quality images. Founded by Sara Spearpoint, Sara Louise Photography was created to prove that anyone has the ability and imagination to accomplish their dreams. On the autism spectrum and a survivor of abuse, Sara endeavours to relinquish the limits that society places on anyone with a difference and show the world that no matter who you are or what your background is, you can make a change. ‘You can not be brave without fear,’ serves to be one of Sara’s mantras, a phrase that holds a certain kind of truth to it. Indeed, the aim of Sara Louise Photography is to simply represent Sara’s version of beauty via her lens. The company is a nondiscriminative photography service and business, it does not turn anyone away. Furthermore, it offers many services from small events, boudoir shoots, commercial photography, and so forth. Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and Certificate IV in photography, therefore, it is abundantly clear that Sara Louise Photography is the correct choice for all your photography needs. One of the key factors behind the company’s success, besides its knack for customer service, is its ability to collaborate seamlessly with its clients. Taking into consideration the budget, the client’s ideas, and accessibility, the company goes above and beyond to ensure that the customer receives not only high-quality images, but a positive overall experience. Moreover, Sara Louise Photography strives to be different – it pushes aside trends and the status quo in order to reach an authentic level of creativity. Each photo comes from a place of love and passion for both people and the artform. Additionally, Sara’s work has been shown in exhibitions across the globe, presented to audiences in a variety of galleries. Alongside many other industries, the photography world was greatly impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. As the majority of artists and photographers are self-employed or reliant on small businesses, the pandemic has been an enormous challenge, especially in terms of income and employment opportunities. Sara Louise Photography has opted to halt the portraiture element of the business for the time being, due to Sara’s eldest child having cystic fibrosis and being immunocompromised. However, the company has adapted, instead focusing upon product photography. This path has ensured that the business can continue operating without placing anyone at risk – meetings take place online, and products are passed on with no contact. In addition, the company has experimented with new artistic styles, which have been incredibly popular. The next year, however, is both an exciting and busy one for Sara Louise Photography. It has a plethora of plans in the pipeline – including a campaign surrounding the awareness of cystic fibrosis, utilising photography to raise funds and push cystic fibrosis further into the public sphere. What’s more, the company is also looking at expanding its product range and is in the process of creating a way to offer free photography classes to both vulnerable children and children on the autism spectrum. The company is also working on its new website, which it hopes to have up and running within the next few months. Contact: Sara Spearpoint Company: Sara Louise Photography Web Address: https:// saralouisephotographer/