Australian Enterprise Awards 2020

4 APAC / 2020 Australian Enterprise , Leading Providers of Innovative Learning Courses 2020 & Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative 2020 ACI Global Jan20094 Educational courses that have been specifically designed for industries and workplaces across the world can transform employees into highly talented and adept workers with the knowledge and skill to elevate their service to the next level. At the heart of ensuring these innovative learning courses are delivered in the best way possible is Australian firm ACI Global. Following its double-award-winning success in this years’ Australian Enterprise Awards, we profiled the firmto discovermore. Whilst many of us leave school and never look back, the human capacity for learning is an important aspect of daily life that continues to be present and manifest itself in a myriad of ways. By being constantly open to learning new things, people can push themselves and challenge themselves, opening themselves up to a whole world of new opportunities. It could be a new skill for the workplace to enhance the capability for an existing role, or it could be extensive training for a new job entirely; the human capacity for learning is a trait to be valued and made full use of. Everyone is capable of continuous learning, and one Australian firm is seeking to empower its clients to do just that. ACI Global is a one-stop-shop for clients seeking to empower themselves or their workforces through accreditations and certifications that can stand them out against the ever-growing wave of competition. Founded in 2004, the firm is an international learning and certification service provider delivering exceptionally well-designed and developed e-learning courses at a fair and reasonable price. Learning should be readily available for everyone who wants it, and ACI Global seeks to make that happen, embodying its company-wide belief in the rightful accessibility of education. Those who want to achieve great things either in, or through their workforces should not be inhibited in their aspirations to do so. The team aims to create a practical and sustainable balance in the pursuit of delivering ethical quality in industry education through the delivery of professional leadership development for personnel and businesses by identifying both employee and organisational needs. Once those needs have been understood, the work can truly begin. Armed with that understanding, all of the industry-specific ISO and CMMI training courses can drive corporate excellence, responsibility, and sustainability. Continuous acceleration of corporate and individual improvement through