Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

26 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Capital Lend Finance Brokerage of the Year 2019 - ACT: Capital Lend Jan19282 Specialising in supporting clients through the larger purchases in their lives, such as homes and vehicles, Capital Lend aims to offer every borrower the very highest possible standard of service and support throughout the process. We invited Freya Kristiansen to tell us more about the firm and how it achieves this ambitious aim. Drawing on a vast wealth of expe- rience in the industry, Capital Lend is a finance brokerage specialising in home loans as well as vehicle and equipment financing. The team work with clients ranging from first home buyers right through to seasoned investors, and as such they tailor their approach to suit their individual needs, as Freya explores in her opening comments. “At Capital Lend, we are deeply passionate about improving our clients’ net wealth through the acquisition of real estate. We work closely with our customers by way of annual reviews to ensure that they are still in the most suitable loans available to them. In addition to all this we also cover annual valuations and map out the growth of their property portfolio. “Alongside supporting individual clients, we are also committed to improving financial literacy and are working with many schools in our area to implement financial education and a basic understanding of personal financing. We also offer a unique online course that teaches similar content and helps people to get out of debt. Currently, we are working on a similar e-course to assist first home buyers to break into the property market which we are looking to roll out in July 2019, which we are exceptionally excited for.” Supporting such a range of clients and edu- cating them on such an important topic means that the entire team at Capital Lend has to remain at the forefront of emerging industry developments so that they can offer clients truly cutting-edge advice and education. As such, the company is constantly exploring emerging market trends and adapting these into their service offerings so that it always remains very compliant with the latest industry regulations and able to offer clients up-to-date insight and information. Freya shares with us an insight into the market currently and how its developments are affecting Capital Lend. “Within the finance brokerage space, the 2018 Royal Commission has seen an increase in compliance in our industry which desperately needed to happen. Additional steps are now mandatory to ensure that customers can afford the loans that are recommended to them and that they are in their best interests. At Capital Lend, we have always taken on additional measures to verify the information provided by our clients and are pleased to see these next steps taken for the industry as a whole. While it has been a bit of a shakeup, we believe that those good brokers will last and are looking forward to the positive outcomes that will come for our clients in the months to follow.” Going forward, Freya and the team at Capital Lend are excited for their newest education offering, as well as many invigorating new developments, which she now outlines in her concluding statements. “Over the coming months we are looking forward to our release of the First Home Buy- ers Academy in July 2019, in addition to an array of networking and education events that we have in store with our business partners. We are also excited to open up a new branch within the capital towards the end of the year. These new developments will allow us at Capital Lend to grow even further throughout 2019 and beyond.” Contact Details: Company: Capital Lend Name: Freya Kristiansen | Address: G10 ‘Quayside’, 50 Eastlake Parade, KINGSTON ACT 2604 Telephone Number: 02 6243 3651 Web Address: