Australian Enterprise Awards 2019

27 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2019 , Nina Armando Best Affordable Luxury Footwear Brand: Nina Armando Jan19294 Born and bred in Australia and based in Sydney, Nina Armando specialises in ladies andmen’s high-quality shoes and accessories with a sophisticated edge. As part of our overview of a selection of the deserving winners of this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards we profile the firm to learnmore about how it has gone from strength to strength thanks to its commitment to quality and its stylish designs. Established in 2006 and originally designed with the Australia lifestyle in mind, Nina Armando has since gained strong popularity for its hand-crafted 100% genuine leather footwear and fashion accessories. Today, the brand takes great pleasure in offering an exclusive range of footwear that is sought after for its modern style and comfort. Nina Armando’s products are all hand made using only 100 percent leather including inner lining of our shoes. Seeking to offer clients innovative solutions that cannot be found elsewhere, its styles are unique and not mainstream yet also luxurious and very affordable. The brand offers two collections per year with top up styles being added to each collection per year in between seasons. Nina Armando is renowned for producing shoes, the types of styles, materials to be used, embellishments, packaging marketing etc, supported by the many types of production types of technologies such a machine that uses precise cutting methods when laying down a hide to maximise the number of pieces required. This approach reduces the overall cost of the brand’s products without reducing the quality, making Nina Armando shoes and accessories the best possible quality for an affordable price. and Asia. The brand has also opened a hub in Singapore which it hopes will help it to support the wider Asian market and provide its award-winning products to a more diverse array of clients, and as part of this is also exploring growth in the US. These exciting developments offer the brand the chance to enhance its already phenomenal success and cement Nina Armando as the go-to brand for affordable luxury footwear. As a pioneer within the luxury footwear market, Nina Armando is noted as one of the leading online niche footwear brands in Australia, hence why the brand was recently approached by Amazon to warehouse its products directly with them. The brand is now one of the lead- ing suppliers of affordable luxury footwear products with The Iconic and through its own Nina Armando website portals. Originally incorporating just one flagship store, over the years Nina Armando has expanded its retail program and its flagship store is now located in one of Sydney’s premier retail precedents in Castlereagh Street Sydney, operating alongside some of the world’s most famous and recognisable fashion brands. Looking towards the future, Nina Armando’s ongoing expansion strategy revolves around global expansion, with the firm set to distribute its products online via unique gateways that cover Australia, the Pacific region, Europe Contact Details: Company: Nina Armando Name: Tony Di Matteo Address: 603, Level 6, MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place Sydney NSW Australia 2000 Telephone Number: +61414210456 Web Address: