APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

, AE170039 Best for Complete Project Management Solutions Tracey Brunstrom&Hammond (TBH) strives to provide clients independent, objective and soundmanagement advice on projects from inception to handover. We invited Jonathan Jacobs to tell us more about the firmand the services it offers. Incorporated in 1965, TBH have provided a wide range of professional services on over 8,000 projects and 3,000 claims ranging from small boutique projects to some of the largest projects in the southern hemisphere. As such, the firm has an extensive professional relationship with local, state and federal government offices. Thanks to this vast experience TBH is called upon regularly to team up with government departments, providing advice on projects across transport, education, health and defence industries. Jonathan discusses how the firm has created a reputation for excellence since inception. “TBH is Australian owned and completely independent and can therefore be relied upon to provide objective, independent advice. Several TBH Principals are recognised as planning and scheduling experts by both national and international courts. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for providing solutions that are highly innovative yet practical and effective. A specialist and expert consulting firm, we provide a range of services including scheduling, planning and time management; cost management; project controls; P3M; project management; dispute resolution (expert reports and expert witness); and infrastructure financial advisory services (TBHCA).” As with many industries, consulting requires experienced and dedicated staff who are committed to supporting clients, as Jonathan emphasises. “The culture within TBH is very much one of collaboration and teamwork. Our people work together to achieve common goals and to provide the best possible service to our clients. We treat our colleagues with respect, act with integrity and work on the basis that we all perform to the best of our ability. TBH has a busy annual training schedule, offering development in both technical skills and soft skills. This program complements the practical experience our employees gain and ensures our employees grow as individuals and are able to progress their careers whilst continuing to provide excellent client service. In addition to our diverse training program, TBH has an internal mentoring program to further support our employees with their career and personal development. “In order to cultivate this culture TBH looks to hire individuals who are aligned to our values, who have a passion for what they do and whose ambitions will assist in driving the business forward. The firm attracts the best talent in the industry by retaining an excellent reputation in the market for looking after its employees, providing a supportive and teaching environment, and including people from the start of their careers.” Looking ahead, Jonathan foresees a wealth of opportunities in the government sector, especially with the pending infrastructure boom, and as such TBH is keen to expand in order to take advantage of this, as he proudly concludes. “Moving forward, TBH is keen to expand into Asia and the Middle East. Replicating the same success we have in Australia in our international offices, it will be our top priority over the coming months and years.” Company: TBH Contact: Jonathan Jacobs Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Level 12, 15 Blue Street, North Sydney NSW Australia Phone: +61 2 9922 2511 Website: www.tbh.com.au

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