APAC 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards

48 APAC / Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 , AE170058 Best for Portrait Photography 2017 - Adelaide XMark Photography provides unique photography services across South Australia. We invited Allan Griffin to tell us more about the services his firmoffers and how it works to achieve excellence in every aspect of its work. Established for only a few years, X Mark Photography draws on Allan’s vast experience in the market to provide a wide variety of services including WallArt from landscapes, Urbanscapes nature and abstract, as well as portraiture in studio or location. Allan is a sole trader but he is committed to offering clients the very highest standard of service that meets their needs, therefore he works collaboratively with other professionals such as hair and makeup artists, assistants and other photographers when required. Allan discusses his clients in more detail and his favourite projects so far. “My clients vary from individuals, to businesses, charities and organizations. My favourite for evets is “The Credit Union Christmas Pageant” through Events SA. It is the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, nothing better than seeing so many people happy and coming together for a common reason, also “the Adelaide Zombie walk” ÄVCON” taking portraits of people dressed up and acting is like no other experience. “I have also photographed in teams of awesome photographers in various other events. All these amazing events have been challenging, but inspirational in developing my Candid, Photo Journalistic approach, capturing moments as they happen to tell your story. Documenting events is often a challenge but well worth the effort, especially when combined with social media to entice people to the clients’ page or events that they may present in the future. This also generates interest and interaction with your audience. Showing what has happened, is happening or is about to happen, or possibly what people have missed out on.” Portraits are another key area of work which Allan enjoys, and he is eager to outline how he works with clients to create unique photographs that stand the test of time. “Whenever I look over my family photos it takes me back to the moment that they were taken, and reminds me of those memories around that time, most of them fond, happy, but sometimes sad, maybe remembering the smells or aromas like Grandma’s homemade meals, Nana’s Indian curries simmering, or Dads’ BBQs, even camping trips and holidays we went on. “More precious to me are the photos of my kids being born, growing up, in hospital, playing, being themselves, sports days, school concerts, school photos, Holidays and even glamour; all these and more are memories that need to be recorded and remembered. Family are important people in our lives, capturing those moments that are treasured, are extremely important to me, having children of varying disabilities gives me an empathy to understand what is inside you is more important than how people first see you. “Overall, everyone is Beautiful, has a story to tell and deserves the time to co create a vision for you, immortalizing your youth or old age, through good health and ill health, capturing the essence of who you are and what you love in life.” Looking to the future, Allan is keen to move into new areas in order to provide the services his clients need in this ever evolving market. “Moving forward I am keen to venture into the “Fine Art Nude”. I have already started working in this area, the aim is not to offer pornography but rather celebrating the human form, shapes, lines and curves no matter who we are, again respecting each individual with my values and professional code of conduct. I am also moving into pregnancy photography using henna, working with a very good friend and talented henna artist on this project” Company: X Mark Photography Contact: Allan Griffin Contact Email: enquiries@ xmarkphotography.net.au Phone: +61 452 296 275 Web Address: www.xmarkphotography.net.au

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