August 2017

APAC / August 2017 7 NEWS , The Southeast Asia (SEA) and Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) chromatog- raphy market is wit- nessing steady growth. Overall market growth is driven by the growing industrial sectors in Southeast Asia and ANZ, and a need to adhere to quality assur- ance, process control, and regu- latory standards. “High cost of ownership, main- tenance costs, and the need for quicker analysis are causing end users to shift toward better tech- nologies such as process chro- matographs,” said test & meas- urement research analyst Sneha Ayyar. “Vendors that focus on pro- ject execution, equipment support and value-added services as part of their offering will gain a com- petitive edge,” she added. Strategic imperatives for vendor success and growth in the SEA and ANZ chromatography market include: • Embracing change through new business models and technologies that offer scope for implementation of Industrial Internet of Things; • Reducing the footprint of the instrument to penetrate low-budget end users and increase the scope of appli- cations; • Working with government agencies to capitalise on op- portunities in the oil and gas sector and; • Differentiating themselves from competitors to win brownfield projects. “Although food testing, pharma- ceuticals, and water and waste- water are the fastest growing end-user segments, the automa- tion of equipment will become a key customer requisite to tackle the lack of skilled labour,” noted Ayyar. Frost & Sullivan’s study covers chromatography segments such as liquid, ion, and gas. End-us- er segments include oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science, water and waste- water, environmental testing, food and beverage, government, and academics and research insti- tutes. Regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vi- etnam, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand are assessed. Need for Quality Assurance, Process Control and Regulatory Standards Drives Growth of Chromatography Market in SEA and ANZ Automating equipment is necessary to tackle skilled labour shortage and create growth opportunities, finds Frost & Sullivan’s Test & Measurement team. TYM is now operat- ing across all 700+ mass and mass pre- mium table games at Galaxy Macau, Star- world, and Broadway. “TYM was instrumental in deliv- ering growth in EBITDA by im- proving operational and labour efficiencies while empowering our staff to execute positive changes to the floor and simultaneously enhancing player experience,” said Richard Longhurst, director of operations and director of gam- ing development and optimisation services at Galaxy Macau. He added, “Casinos have applied yield management principles for many years now. However, the TYM platform takes it to the next level by providing actiona- ble insights and a seamless user experience that makes acting on recommendations and tracking the efficacy of operations trans- parent and hassle-free. By part- nering with Tangam, our table games profitability will continue to improve and allow us to grow in an increasingly competitive Ma- cau market.” “We are delighted to partner with GEG,” stated Maulin Gandhi, President at Tangam Systems. “A collaborative culture between op- erations and analytics, combined with the right software tools en- ables partners like GEG to align all teams with the same vision, resulting in market leading perfor- mance,” he added. “With the unique combination of table games analytics experience and technology, we can offer deeper, actionable insights from data. GEG successfully contin- ues to leverage all the optimisa- tion tools that TYM has to offer,” added Varun Nayak, SVP Gam- ing Strategy at Tangam. TYM is the only table games yield management solution that makes complex table games data action- able to all levels of management, with both better spread/pricing planning and real time response to dynamic changes on the floor. For more information about GEG, please visit www.