April 2017

20 APAC / April 2017 , 1702AP11 The Sweet Smell of Success Flavourtech is a global technologymanufacturer specialising in aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation solutions for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. We invited Leon Skaliotis to tell us more about the firmand the services it offers. Flavourtech are providing companies around the world with technology and processes that allow them to differentiate their products and grow their business. These companies acknowledge that Flavourtech are helping them set new standards in the way high quality end products are produced and assisting them in meeting consumer taste preferences naturally, easily and with maximum flexibility. Working across such a vast array of industries means that Flavourtech technologies are utilised in the coffee, tea, flavour, dairy, alcoholic beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. With a focus on using low temperatures and short residence times, Flavourtech technologies ensure that the natural flavour and active ingredients in the products being processed are protected to provide consumers maximum benefit and satisfaction. Their expertise also allows turn-key solutions to be implemented leading to streamlined processes, lower costs of production and higher market share. Leon discusses the firm’s focus on constantly offering the very highest standards of service and creating innovative, quality products for its clients. “Here at Flavourtech we provide process industries worldwide with innovative engineering solutions based on our core technologies. Our solutions are reached through a company-wide focus on customer requirements and our employee’s extensive expertise and application know how. “Our focus is on constant improvement so a gated process approach is followed for every project in order to ensure that all steps at each stage of a project are closely followed and equipment is manufactured and delivered on time every time. Project meetings during manufacture and following completion also ensures that we review each project closely for further improvements to take place with the next project. Our staff are constantly updating their skills and knowledge and we are collaborating with various technology companies around the world to produce new cutting edge technology to provide our customers with the competitive edge they need in their respective markets.” Operating in a highly competitive global environment, it is imperative that the firm provide customers with the confidence to make major investments with them, secure in the knowledge that Flavourtech has the ability to support them for the long term. Leon explains how this is achieved. “To propose the best possible solution for our customers, we always try to work very closely with them to understand their business needs, even better than they do. Sometimes, this may involve them modifying or producing a new product, improving the quality of an existing product, or even improving their operational efficiency through increased automation, waste reduction, etc. We can even provide them with financial impact statements, so that they can see the long term economic impact of their investment with us. “By utilizing our vast mechanical and process engineering expertise, we try to become a trusted adviser to our customers, as opposed to just selling equipment. We also try to be closer to our customers by placing staff members (both Technical & Territory Managers) in various regions around the world. As of today, we have direct employees situated in England, Germany, India, and Costa Rica. In other regions, such as in America, Japan, Korea and Thailand, we have developed strong relationships over many years with local agents or distributors who represent Flavourtech in the way we desire. “An important element in all of the countries we do business with, is to understand and respect the local cultures and ways of doing business. Our employees therefore conduct regular visits to those regions, and attend local industry seminars and workshops on a regular basis. Our attitude towards customer and application support means we consider ‘a customer for life’ and our staff are committed to ensuring that our technologies assist our customers to be as successful as possible.” Looking to the future, Flavourtech has a number of exciting plans for growth and expansion, as Leon proudly concludes. “Moving forward, Flavourtech continues to grow and the expansion of our manufacturing plant and new Griffith Pilot plant have recently been completed. Plans are currently underway for a new pilot plant to be installed in Asia to meet the requests and requirements of our clients in that region. In addition to infrastructure changes we are also growing in terms of personnel and are always looking

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