April 2017

APAC / April 2017 21 K Company: Flavourtech Pty Ltd Name: Leon Skaliotis Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.flavourtech.com Address: 32 Lenehan Rd, PO Box 413, Griffith, NSW 2680, Australia Telephone: +61 2 6964 4322 The Sweet Smell of Success g for talented people in our various departments from the drafting office, technical and electrical engineers and administration. “Overall, Flavourtech is always looking forward to new projects where we may assist customers in improving their business. After all, our goal is to increase our customer’s business and make them more successful. Through this approach Flavourtech continues to learn and grow making it a successful and extremely interesting company to work for.”

http://www.flavourtech.com/ http://www.helpingpeopleachieve.com.au/ http://www.spinal.com.au/