South East Asia Business Awards 2022

4 APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 , AGB Communication Co., Ltd. is a National Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a full range of ICT services. AGB supports all users with diversification of communication services that offer the best productivity and continuity. We aim to provide reliable internet services to all our customers and the latest technologies in the fields of the Internet based on our redundant network design. Our network coverage reaches (34) townships in Yangon and over (30) cities in regional throughout Myanmar to extend our services and ensure that we reach out to all the people in Myanmar. By constantly adding new services AGB continues to expand its vision and business operations. Looking to enhance business relationships and data exchange, AGB works with rapid-growing Tech companies and keeps stimulating the advancement of Myanmar’s information technology landscape. Working as an affiliate to the Aung Gabar Group of Companies, which was established in 1990, AGB delivers its services to a plethora of different businesses in Myanmar. Established in 2014, AGB is a privately owned company If you’re searching for better internet youwill want to choose an internet service provider that can deliver seamless connectionwithout high costs and interruptions. Finding the smoothest of networks can be daunting but that’s where AGB Communication comes in – it ensures the best connections with its coverage as a respected ISP. Here we look to AGB as it continues to impress its customers with its business-minded yet person-centred approach. founded by Mr Myint Thein, Mr Si Thu Aung and Mr Kyaw Soe, whose primary objective is to cost-effectively deliver top-quality connections to its customers. Mr Si Thu Aung is now serving as a director-cum-Chief Executive Officer. Founded as a small B2B ISP, AGB focused on clients who need one-stop solutions. By understanding the clients’ requirements and doing excellent, AGB has decided to expand to a B2C market after just three years. Not only does it provide a flawless internet connection, but it also offers a variety of value-added solution services. Being client-facing is no problem for AGB since its employees are dedicated, helpful, and person-centred. AGB’s organizational culture is based on the following principles: teamwork, coordination, empowerment, ownership, and innovation. When tackling challenges, the team is more than qualified, and it works together in perfect harmony. This creates an internal rhythm that is synonymous with the values of the company – ensuring each stride towards success only grows over time. Providing internet for customers is one thing but finding a place where you can really make a difference makes an organisation worthy of our dedication. In this respect, AGB is a place that is truly changing the lives of its employees alongside its customers. Working for AGB is like finding a family within the workplace. With hundreds of employees, AGB has grown to be a place where people enrich each other – the business culture is that of inclusion, diversity, and revolution for the future of telecom operators. AGB doesn’t just work with businesses, it also works with residential (home broadband) internet, wholesales internet (IP Transit), Cloud services, system integrations, and much more. Its areas of concentration are vast and deeply knowledgeable, which is absolutely invaluable to both the industry and its own customers that makes AGB truly special. AGB understands that when it comes to internet, people want to browse with quality and zero interruptions so thereby, it is aware that there is an increased need for better internet connection and trustworthy support from the provider itself. AGB works around the clock – 24/7/365 – to offer support that will leave its customers’ feelings important and cared for. By acting as a buttress in this way, AGB can give peace of mind to its customers, ease, and Apr22516 Best Internet Service Provider 2022 – Myanmar