South East Asia Business Awards 2022

APAC / South East Asia Business Awards 2022 5 Best Internet Service Provider 2022 –Myanmar reachability, in the present and way out into the future. AGB has constructed a strong redundant network through its very own data centre and rapid fibre infrastructure – the avoids any internet crashes and downtime by being connected to multiple uplinks and direct peering with Tier-1 operators. Transforming Myanmar – and introducing the opportunity for world-wide connection – is AGB’s goal and its values reflect this. It works tirelessly and incredibly hard to secure a successful future for its customers working in different industries and to guarantee fast connections for its residential customers, on a daily basis. Promising and delivering, every time, AGB has been making a mark on its industry and the realm of telecoms in Myanmar has never fared better because of it. As the market is highly competitive, especially due to the effects of Covid-19, AGB has worked hard to establish itself as a large-scale provider of internet services. The momentum of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) investments truly reflects the decreasing of foreign direct investments in Myanmar – this is AGB’s queue to elevate the market, and it does not disappoint. Branching out in all things related to being an ISP, AGB has been granted the Network Facilities Service (Individual) License (NFS-I) in 2015. As a rapidly developing business, AGB has been spending time nurturing the Myanmar Market with its ICT services – it has been skyrocketing into the atmosphere with its passionate and devoted work. For the future, AGB is looking to branch out and gain additions to its team of seasoned professionals. AGB is always on the search for new ways to develop and modernize technology. Reviewing its current business model continues to push AGB forward, as it welcomes new capital investors to expand its network infrastructure – whilst analyzing its target audiences for better advertising and branding. For up-to-date, thoughtful, faster, and more reliable coverage, move to AGB and prepare to be impressed. Contact: Ei Ei Mon Company: AGB Communication Web Address: