Most Innovative Eco-Friendly Architecture Practice - Taiwan
The head chief designer FABIO SU, who was born in Taiwan. Because of studying in Argentina, he had many chances to travel around the Europe. This experiences enrich his design with the elements of west culture, and Mr. SU is also good at combining the west and east characteristics into his design. Trying to use the new architectural methods and fashionable elements to present the modest way of traditional east. It makes his designs not only fashion but also graceful temperament. ZENDO company, which owns by Mr. SU is focus on combining the architecture and nature smoothly. In this generation of over seeking to innovation, using the eco-friendly way into the design is ZENDO's mission. FACEBOOK? https://www.facebook.com/designzendo/about/?ref=page_internal WEBSITE? http://zendo999.weebly.com/ E-MAIL? zendo.design999@gmail.com YOUTUBE? https://youtube.com/user/zendodesign999