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2021 Winner

WillShip International

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WillShip International

Best International Automotive Cargo Logistics Enterprise 2021 Award for Innovation in End-to-End Freight Transport 2021

Willship International is the amalgamation of two specialised freight forwarders – one focused on International automotive freight, moving cars, caravans, boats, bikes and similar cargo in and out of Australia and New Zealand to a range of countries all over the world. The other side of our business focuses on general freight and import customs and quarantine clearance – containers, airfreight, palletised cargo and commercial goods primarily from China, Europe, and the USA although we can handle shipments to and from almost any country on earth.

Over the last 5 or so years we pioneered the development and use of an instant online quote platform for the international door to door movement of automotive cargo, people are able to jump on to our website, and within 30 seconds they can obtain a detailed personalised quote and comprehensive information for their chosen routing and cargo type – traditionally this sort of thing would take people days if not weeks in emails and phone calls back and forth with various freight forwarders in multiple countries while they do their best to try and figure out how it all works and what they can expect in terms of costs and process. Our mission has been to simplify and change all of that. Our methods have proved very effective thus far, our website can produce more than 500 different quote variations, and it generates well over 10,000 quotes a year.