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2021 Winner

Vaniye Patisserie

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Vaniye Patisserie

Best Luxury Patisserie 2021 – New Zealand
Culinary Excellence Award: Artisan Birthday Cakes 2021

Vaniyé is a modern contemporary French Patisserie founded by Laurent and Sonia Haumonte. Their passion for this artisanal culinary heritage translates into an array of beautifully aligned products upon entering into the small tucked-away boutique: exquisite French style cakes, artisan chocolates, delicate desserts, croissants, and baguettes. At Vaniyé it’s not just about the products, but also the preservation of exceptional artisan techniques and skills, the attention to the ingredients and their origins, the understanding of the impact on the environment, and the interest in personal development and wellbeing of its people to build a positive company culture and a welcoming place for our community.

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