The Lime Caviar Company

Best Gourmet Food Company 2021
<p>Company name &#8211; The Lime Caviar Company Pty Ltd<br /> Location &#8211; Running Creek Queensland Australia 4287<br /> Product &#8211; Australian finger lime pearls &#8211; vesicles of citrus australasica.<br /><br /><br /> +61 417 373 073<br /> Managing Director &#8211; Ian Douglas QC</p> <p>About our product:<br /> We are the world’s only producer of quick frozen Australian finger lime pearls &#8211; quick frozen citrus australasica, Australia’s unique and ancient native CITRUS. We market the product as ‘lime caviar’.<br /> We extract the pearls (vesicles) from fresh finger limes, quick freeze them in 22.5g lots and pack them in insulated cartons for domestic sale and export. Available all year in 4 natural colours &#8211; red, yellow, pink and green. We export to Denmark, France, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Hong kong, Japan, korea, New Zealand and the US.<br /> No additives, gluten-free, allergen-free and vegan and has a frozen shelf life of motre that 15 months.<br /> We can supply regularly.</p> <p>See, and Instagram #thelimecaviarcompany.</p>