Morlife Pty Ltd

Best Organic Health Supplements Manufacturer 2020
Morlife is Australia’s leading functional food manufacturer, and has been researching, developing, manufacturing and selling a range of nutritionally superior health foods since 2000. With a team of expert research nutritionists and 2 naturopaths leading their nutrition mission, Morlife has proactively sought tasty and convenient food solutions for consumers which help solve human body sicknesses by providing researched foods proven to help with increasing energy, sleep regularity, gut digestion, cell protection, skin nutrition and more, to give our consumers the best working bodies we can, so they feel alive and well and to get “more out of life”. Hence the brand name: Morlife. Now sold in major supermarkets nationwide and internationally, health food stores, and a booming online store, Morlife has grown its empire from a home start up business 20 years ago to a 7,000m2 building and now employs 60 staff.