Best Food & Drink Storage Solutions Manufacturer 2021
<p>EvaKool is Australia’s favourite recreational food and drink storage solutions manufacturer and supplier, selling Australia’s favourite ice boxes and portable fridges for over 25 years.</p> <p>Our primary focus is on food and drink storage solutions for camping and 4WD enthusiasts, fishing adventures and caravan/camper trailer lifestyles.</p> <p>We are able to offer a diverse range of both ice box and 12V refrigeration solutions to suit the Australian lifestyle and climate. Our products boast a nationwide dealer and service agent network across Australia for convenience for our customers.</p> <p>EvaKool is also Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Fiberglass and Polyethylene Iceboxes and has sold more than 1 million units worldwide.</p> <p>EvaKool keeping Australians chilled for good times!</p> <p>Website: www.evakool.com.au<br /> Phone: 1300 385 665 (1300 EVKOOL)<br /> Email: sales@evakool.com</p>