Educated Enterprise LLC

Best Asian Start-Up & SME Support Platform 2020
Educated Enterprise LLC is an impact venture/social enterprise, committed to assisting individuals and organizations, to become active and capable contributors of sustained and inclusive growth in their communities. To do so, we have adopted a UN Agenda 2030 - SDG Goal 17 - Partnerships model for our core operations. The key activities Educated Enterprise carries out are: 1/ capacity development training programs under four main areas: 1.1 entrepreneurship & innovation 1.2 leadership & life balance 1.3 career & communications AND 1.4 platform building 2/ advising and mentoring for personal & professional growth on a regular or ad-hoc basis 3/ advocating for sustained and inclusive growth through partnerships via online & offline channels including monthly round table discussions and weekly articles. For more information, pls visit our website or social pages across Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter at