Dural Squash

Best Squash Facilities Provider - Sydney
<p>We are learning to adjust to 2021 and things are starting to look up for us.<br /> In NSW we have been without the Covid virus for the last 3 weeks. This does not include the 3,000 travellers that come through here each week to Australia and are quarantined for 14 days.<br /> We are also experiencing beautiful weather at the end of summer and local travellers are filling our country resorts and coastal areas well. We have had a lot of rain so this has regenerated our forests and plains since our devastating fires last year. You could say we are the lucky country!<br /> Our vaccination process will be rolled out at the end of this month (not as urgent as your part of the world).</p> <p>The business is starting to pick up slowly, so we would like to take up the option of your complimentary package! We thank you for that! Any information you require could be taken from our website.</p> <p>www.duralsquash.com.au</p>