AlkaViva Australia

Best Water Ionisers & Filters Supplier 2021 Excellence Award for Zero Waste Packaging Initiatives
<p>AlkaViva Australia is an innovative, quality-driven family business that has been in production since 1982. Launched in the USA, AlkaViva specialise in world-class alkalizing, hydrogen-rich water ionizers and filtration solutions and are available in over 60 countries. AlkaViva is proud to be an industry leader in the water filter industry with the highest standard of performance backed by independent laboratory testing and globally recognised certifications.</p> <p>AlkaViva premium USA-made filters are capable of removing 99.99% of 172+ contaminants including sediment and heavy metals (such as mercury, aluminium, copper), pathogens, arsenic, pharmaceutical drugs, chlorine and fluoride and offer a range of filtration products to suit any household or office.</p>