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WINNERS LIST (2017)Singapore Business Awards - Full Winners Listing 2017

APAC Insider is excited to announce the launch of the Singapore Business Awards 2024! Now in its eighth year, this programme has become the go-to guide to the companies and entrepreneurs spearheading growth across Singapore’s dynamic business market. Though it faces limitations in size, population, and resources, Singapore is a country that is consistently recognised as one of the richest and most stable in the world. In recent years, Singapore has been named as one of the most open economies globally by the Heritage Foundation, and currently ranks as the world’s second richest country based on GDP per capita. Companies and professionals doing business in Singapore benefit from its free-market economy as well as the competitive and pro-business policies implemented by the government. This – in addition to the country’s modern environment, excellent standard of living, and high average salary – makes Singapore an attractive business destination for both local and foreign enterprises. Much of Singapore’s success in the global business market is thanks to the culture of innovation that spreads throughout every segment of its society – from the government, down to company, and individual levels. The country’s key policymakers have also made efforts to invest in emerging sectors so that they can continue to foster this innovation, leading to Singapore being home to the largest number of startups in all of Southeast Asia. Singapore not only invests in business, but also maintains its position in the world market by investing in its people. The country boasts an excellent technical education system, and its universities are considered to be the best in the Southeast Asia region. Singapore’s commitment to developing its talent pool has made the nation world leaders in a number of key business sectors. The finance industry in Singapore is one of the largest and most important across the globe, with over two hundred banks and financial institutions based there, and currently ranking as the third most prolific financial hub worldwide, behind only New York City and London. Singapore is also known for its advanced precision engineering and manufacturing industry. Most modern precision technology products are made with components or through patents originating from Singapore, which is one of the reasons much of the world’s top tech talent are enticed to move their careers and business operations to the region. APAC Insider will be covering all of this and more in the Singapore Business Awards 2024. We will utilise our years of experience in researching industry markets to curate a list of winners who truly deserve to be named among the leading lights of the Singapore business market. All of our recipients are determined based on merit, and as we are proudly not pay-to play there are no costs involved at any stage of the awarding process. Those successful in the Singapore Business Awards will be provided with a free-of-charge marketing toolkit to celebrate the award, as well as having the opportunity to take advantage of the additional commercial options that we offer. If you would like to put forward a company for consideration, simply click the ‘Vote Now’ button and fill in the submission form provided. APAC Insider wishes the best of luck to all nominees within the Singapore Business Awards 2024!

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