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Articles 10th November 2023

Onward Helmet Wins Four Awards from “Travel in Beijing”

Night view of CBD skyline in Beijing, China
Night view of CBD skyline in Beijing, China

Onward Helmet Company Limited (“Onward Helmet”), a world-renowned leading manufacturer of professional sports helmets, is pleased to announce that it has won several awards from Travel in Beijing, including “Most Influential Chinese Leader” for its Co-founder, Dr. Victor Chan, and “Most Influential Innovative Entrepreneur” for its President and Co-Founder, Ms. Candy Chan. In addition, honors for “Most Influential Innovative Enterprise” and “Most Influential Leading Enterprise” were bestowed on Onward Helmet Company Limited and Dongguan Upmost Industrial Co. Ltd., respectively.


Ms. Candy Chan, President and Co-Founder of Onward Helmet Company Limited, said, “The awards fully affirm the company’s performance over the past two decades, which can be attributed to its R&D team – the best in the industry, as well as the strong support from cooperative brands over the years. The company is committed to improving product safety standards and constantly innovating technologies, in order to design helmets that properly fit the head, are breathable, and offer high protection. In the future, we will continue to provide customers with high-quality products, and ensure quality and quantity, so as to achieve long-term stability.”


Onward Helmet has comprehensive production facilities, the finest R&D team in the industry, and engineering expertise that is unsurpassed. It has the ability to expand production capacity and coordinate key elements of design, including impact protection, fit and ventilation technology. Moreover, through exclusive IPs, the company is able to reinforce existing and future product leadership. With a global design center, Onward Helmet will develop business in China and around the world, as well as expand its sales and marketing capabilities. Already, as a professional OEM, all of its products have been patented. It is also the first company to commercialize technologies such as Koroyd, WaveCel, antibacterial solution, and adjustable ventilation to improve safety, health, and convenience, among other functionalities.


Onward Helmet’s new WaveCel uses a foldable cellular polymer as an extra layer of protection to the inner layer of the helmet, hence can absorb rotational forces of impact better than conventional helmets. According to Virginia Tech’s rating of helmets’ ability to reduce concussion risk, WaveCel received the highest five-star score. Onward Helmet has partnered with a number of world-renowned sports helmet brands that are not only popular in the European and American markets, but are also well-known in China. Many athletes wore helmets made by Onward Helmet at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and achieved impressive results.