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The Italian luxury car brand Maserati is embarking on a new chapter in the Korean market

On the 3rd, the ‘Maserati Korea: Dawn of a New Era’ event was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul. Maserati CEO Davide Grasso, Chief Commercial Officer Luca Delfino, and Takayuki Kimura, the Managing Director of Korea and Japan, attended the event, expressing their commitment to the launch of Maserati Korea, bringing the finest of the Italian luxury to the market and enhancing Trident’s local presence Maserati are set to begin a new journey in the region.

Maserati, focusing on expanding its presence across over 70 countries around the world with an 86% export rate, is making significant innovative investments, including the development of proprietary engines and interior design enhancements, to bolster its influence. As part of this global strategy, Maserati Korea is set to establish itself as a leading high-performance luxury brand in Korea, where there is a deep appreciation for ‘Italian luxury’. This strategic changes highlights Maserati’s dedication to offering exceptional Italian luxury vehicles and services to our valuable clients in Korea and ensure we meet their high expectations.

At the event, Maserati Korea unveiled its core strategies aimed at strengthening the heritage and key values of the luxury car brand.

To mark its launch, Maserati Korea introduced for the first time in Korea the New GranTurismo and New GranCabrio, equipped with V6 Nettuno Engine 100% developed and produced by Maserati, followed by the introduction of captivating new models every month until December this year. Each new model, 100% designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy, will showcase Italian artistic heritage and craftsmanship, emphasizing Maserati’s dedication to Italian excellence.

Maserati Korea also announced strategies to deliver an elevated customer experience. By strengthening the network, including after-sales services, it plans to enhance customer touchpoints and improve satisfaction and service quality. Additionally, Maserati aims to amplify the customer experience and maximize brand loyalty through its first integrated loyalty program, ‘Tridente‘, launched in June last year.

Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO:
“We are thrilled to embark on this new journey with our Korean customers, media, and dealer networks, marking an exciting chapter in Maserati’s history. As a brand dedicated to performance, innovation, design, and luxury, we proudly celebrate 110 years of 100% Italian craftsmanship this year.

Embodying the Italian spirit of ‘Allegria,’ we are committed to offering exceptional Italian luxury vehicles and services to our esteemed clients in Korea, ensuring we meet their high expectations. Guided by our motto, “We exist to move those who move the world,” we strive to deliver unparalleled luxury performance to our customers.

Luca Delfino, Chief Commercial Officer:
“Korean customers have a profound appreciation for luxury and Italian craftsmanship, making them an ideal audience for Maserati’s innovative offerings. Having had the privilege to oversee this market for four years in the past, I am deeply passionate about ensuring Maserati’s success here.

We feel at home in Korea, a country that values our culture, history, and Italian elegance. With “Maserati Korea,” we recognize the significant role Korea plays in our global family. As we embrace the Korean market, our focus remains on delivering top-quality products, meeting the needs of new luxury consumers.”

Takayuki Kimura, Managing Director of Korea:
“Maserati Korea is committed to enhancing its dealership network and facilities to reflect Italian luxury and ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction. Maserati remains steadfast in upholding its core values of elegance, luxury, and performance in Korea. With this transition, Maserati is poised to further elevate the luxury automotive landscape in Korea and solidify its position as a luxury car brand.

Moving forward, we are also launching bold initiatives to create a more immersive and engaging brand experience for our esteemed customers. We will introduce a range of innovative products and initiatives that embody the Italian spirit of ‘Allegria’ – joy, happiness, and excitement. Please stay tuned for these exciting developments.”

Introducing a New Concept of Luxury Mobility: New GranTurismo and New GranCabrio

Maserati Korea has unveiled the New GranTurismo and New GranCabrio to mark the beginning of its new journey in Korea. These grand tourers combine the racing DNA ‘hyper-performance’ with ‘comfortable ride quality’ for long-distance driving, offering true Italian luxury and making a powerful entrance into the domestic market.

The New GranTurismo is a two-door coupe armed with timeless design and innovative technology. Built around unparalleled dynamic performance, luxurious craftsmanship from the finest materials, and a comfortable ride, it offers an extraordinary journey full of joy and excitement beyond mere transportation.

Adding to its uniqueness to this launch event, Maserati has introduced the New GranTurismo One Off Prisma. This special edition features a hand-painted finish with 14 different colors, including 12 of the most popular exterior colors from previous GranTurismo models, and more than 8,500 letters hand-applied and hand-varnished one by one, making it a true work of art.

The GranTurismo and The GranCabrio exterior maintain Maserati’s classic balance with a long bonnet, intersecting central body, and sporty proportions. The front features Maserati’s new light signature with vertical lights and the iconic 3D Trident logo, capturing immediate attention. The rear boasts boomerang and harpoon-shaped LED taillights, creating a bold and distinctive impression unique to the New GranTurismo. The staggered wheel configuration, with 21-inch wheels at the rear and 20-inch wheels at the front, enhances its sporty stance.

The interior realizes the ‘Balance of the Opposites’, combining functional and aesthetic elements through state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship. Ergonomically positioned, the 12.3-inch central display, 8.8-inch comfort display, intuitive 12.2-inch digital dashboard, iconic Maserati digital clock, and the digital rearview mirror, which can also display the rear camera, offer the luxury of the latest technology within a sumptuous interior featuring perforated leather and other premium materials. The new multi-function heated steering wheel, with central start and drive mode buttons, enhances operational convenience.

The powertrain embodies the potent motorsport DNA of Maserati equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 Nettuno engine based on Maserati’s Twin Combustion Technology, derived from F1 pre-chamber combustion technology. Combined with all-wheel drive and a front differential positioned alongside the engine, it delivers enhanced vehicle dynamics, boasting a maximum output of 550ps and peak torque of 650 Nm.

It offers various drive modes to amplify the joy of driving. These include COMFORT for a relaxed ride, GT for everyday driving, SPORT for dynamic performance, and CORSA for an extreme sporty experience, along with an ESC-OFF option to disable all electronic controls.

Key convenience features include the latest Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) multimedia system, which organizes frequently used functions into multiple tab-based screens for one-touch activation. Furthermore, Maserati Connect provides various connectivity services, supporting safety, navigation, entertainment, and convenience. The immersive Sonus faber audio system by the Italian sound specialists delivers rich, engaging sound.

Advanced Driver Assistance features ensure a delightful driving experience in any situation. Maserati Active Driving Assist, Dynamic Road View, Rear Emergency Braking, Surround 2D View Camera, and Virtual Wall come standard.

The New GranCabrio, a four-seat convertible based on the New GranTurismo, features a canvas soft top that can be opened in just 14 seconds at speeds up to 50 km/h with a single touch. The newly designed neck warmer ensures warmth for the driver and passenger even with the top down, while the optional wind stopper prevents turbulence within the cabin.

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