APAC Insider - Legal Awards 2019

As a leader of innovation in the global legal sector, the Asia Pacific region is home to some of the world’s leading law firms. The 2019 Legal Awards return to recognise the very best this competitive industry has to offer.

The Asia Pacific region represents the world’s fastest growing legal market, and with a desire for innovative solutions to this competitive sector, the 2019 Legal Awards will showcase the very best talent that this sector can offer.

As an independent awarding body, business size or reach are not deciding factors for our nominations. Rather, we focus on the quality and dedication of work and services, feedback from existing and current clients and an endeavour to stay ahead in one of the world’s most ambitious business sectors.

Our dedicated approach will ensure each victor of our prestigious awards can be assured that their accolade is truly deserved. We employ a devoted submission and researching process to build case-files for each shortlisted party in the 2019 Legal Awards, ready for our expert panel of judges to assess and reward those worthy parties.

Participating in the 2019 APAC Legal Awards is a fantastic way to inform customers and investors that your business’s excellence in client service is attracting the attention of those who seek to acknowledge the achievements of the leading Asia Pacific law firms. Establishing yourself amongst these firms will show employees that their hard work and perseverance has been recognised in a way which can be celebrated, whilst making it clear to competitors that your firm is at the leading-edge of the legal field.

Those of you who are successful in winning one of these esteemed awards will reap the benefits of a visual representation of your success and established position at the forefront of the Asia Pacific legal industry. This will provide an even stronger foothold for your business’s further development and legacy as an example of what aspiring law firms should strive to achieve.

As an independent awarding body, our selection process is not based purely on business size or reach. Rather, we focus more on the quality of work, dedication to the industry, innovation, and in forming positive relations with clients. The 2019 Legal Awards will truly be an accurate representation of the best of the industry!

If you know a company that deserves to be nominated for our illustrious 2019 Legal Awards, please complete the below form!

Any questions? Feel free to consult our FAQ page or speak with the programme coordinator, Kaven Cooper, directly at – [email protected]


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