Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018

6 APAC INSIDER / Thai Business Excellence 2018 , Best Hotel Management Group 2018 - Bangkok GCPHospitality, the hospitality armof GawCapital Partners, manages over 26 hotels and serviced apartments with over 6000 keys around the world with an enviable reputation in the hospitality industry for providing asset management, hotel management and business development of the highest standards. We caught up with Christophe Vielle, CEO and Co-Founder to find out more about the group and the secrets behind its incredible success. Established in 2008, today GCP Hospitality, through its dedicated Hotel Operations Platform, manages independent properties with a hands-on approach. Its experienced and creative teams provide the necessary insights and expertise in human resources, sales and marketing, finance and operations to guarantee a successful operation. The firm extends its expertise worldwide through its regional offices in Perth, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Yangon and Beijing. Christophe shares the appeal that the region has for the group and how it has built success over the years. “When we first set-up GCP Hospitality, we were focusing on developing mainly in Asia, Bangkok being a key hub in the region, it allowed us to be central and just a few hours flight from all the key cities that were on our development road map. We also secured our first three contracts in Thailand with Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, Pullman Pattaya Hotel G and Mecure Pattaya (which we have sold since then), being in Bangkok allowed us to be fully focused on the success of these hotels. Finally, there is a strong pool of hospitality experts in Thailand which made it easier for us when it came to recruitment.” Furthermore, in 2016, GCP Hospitality reinforced its presence in the US by entering in a JV with Journal Hotels. As of today, this platform manages The Hollywood Roosevelt, Hotel G San Francisco, The Ambassador Chicago, Mondrian Hotel New York, Two Bunch Palms in Palm Springs and asset manages The Standard Hotel in NYC. Christophe explores how this unique group works to ensure excellence for everyone it supports and mark itself out as the best possible option in a highly competitive market. “Here at GCP Hospitality, we constantly strive to deliver the best in a fast pace. We are pro-active and reactive, our knowledge and experience in the industry, and our ability to adapt and change our strategy quickly when necessary are our main force. Our focus is building the right products and running successful operations to serve developers’ visions and interests. To do so, we are innovative and different by working with international brands. This is the reason why GCP Hospitality has over 45 associates among which a great number of senior executives and experts in various fields which allows us to deliver the best in a fast pace. We are pro-active and reactive, our knowledge and experience in the industry, our aptitude to adapt and change our strategy quickly when necessary are and will remain our main force. “With regards to our hotel management business and how we find hotels to support, the properties we look at need to possess special/specific key upsides to be taken over, be it a central location, interesting product, outstanding performance, business turnaround possibilities, as well as many other factors. As such, we are able to ensure that we only work with the very best of the best and provide our service users with truly exceptional experiences.” TBE18001