Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018

4 APAC INSIDER / Thai Business Excellence 2018 NEWS , At a recent seminar titled “Thailand Taking off to New Heights” held by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), which drew more than 3,000 participants, key investors in the digital technology, food manufacturing and research and development industries explained that they appreciated the Thai government’s support and valued the country’s investor-friendly economic environment. They insisted that these supports should remain in place for the sake of future growth. “Japanese companies have been the No.1 investors in Thailand for a long time,” said Mr. Soji Sakai, President of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Bangkok. “Today Japan’s investments in Thailand account for 39 percent of the total FDI in the country. We are here because of the strong long-term relationships between the two countries, the attractive and stable investment policies introduced by the Thai government, and the extensive Thai industrial clusters within ASEAN and local supply chains.” He explained further that Japanese investors considered the country’s great infrastructure – including its major airports, sea ports and good road networks, as well as stable electric supply – as major factors that boosted investors’ confidence in the country. “Our recent survey of investors showed that around 25 percent of the respondents have specific investment plans within four years while another 50 percent said they were considering investment in Thailand in the future,” said Mr. Sakai. “For Japanese investors to continue and expand businesses in Thailand, we expect good infrastructure, connectivity with neighboring countries in the CLMV region, consistent investment policy and a great pool of talents.” Ms. Angel Zhao, Head of Alibaba Globalization Leadership Group, Alibaba Group, echoed Mr. Sakai’s viewpoints. “We see that flexible policies, well-established infrastructure, new talents and innovations are key drivers of the digital economy,” she noted. She welcomed the government’s plan to transform Thailand into a digital economy, pointing out that Thailand boasted strong potential to grow its e-commerce activities Investors Say Consistent Policy, Infrastructure and Skilled Labour are Crucial to Economic Transformation in Thailand Foreign investors in targeted industries have suggested that consistent investment policies, good infrastructure and capable human resources were the key driving forces for Thailand tomaintain its competitive advantages and to succeed in its plan to transform its economy.