Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018

20 APAC INSIDER / Thai Business Excellence 2018 , Most Trusted Hospital 2018 - Thailand Bumrungrad International Hospital has an outstanding reputation in providing high qualitymedical care especially tertiary care for complicated diseases requiring expertise of specialists in various fields. We profile the hospital to find out more about the range of services it offers and how it works to ensure excellence at all times. For over 37 years in operation, Bumrungrad International Hospital has been appreciating its outstanding status and its distinguished brand as a result of its commitment to the four core pillars considered the heart of treatment quality. The first is quality and safety, as Bumrungrad International Hospital was the first hospital in Asia accredited by the US-based Joint Commission International (JCI). It has been accredited consecutively for the fifth time in 2017. Also in 2017, Bumrungrad became the first hospital in Asia to be DNV GLMIR Certified, a DNV GL’s Managing Infection Risk Standard, and became the first non-US hospital to earn Global Healthcare Accreditation with Excellence designation from GHA, which signifies treatment and care of international quality and safety standards for overseas patients traveling to Bumrungrad International Hospital for treatment and care. Alongside this, as part of its strategy to achieve optimum results possible by making use of strengths and expertise in various fields, Bumrungrad International Hospital has set up teams comprising well-experienced medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, medical technologists and other professional staff, with their own specialty, to work together smoothly to provide quality treatment and care and satisfactory treatment results. At present Bumrungrad International Hospital has over 1,300 medical doctors and over 4,800 people in various departments work for the hospital. Innovation and technology are also key, and at present Bumrungrad International Hospital is in the transition period, with its new IT system, to become a completely digital hospital. Meanwhile, it has brought in advanced medical science and technology. An example of this is the Precision Medicine, a medical science which offers personalized cancer treatment, enabling medical specialists to make even more proper treatment plans and methods considering an individual patient’s needs and conditions. Finally, compassionate caring is one of Bumrungrad International Hospital’s principal values that has always been in practice in taking care of patients, showing attention to details throughout the whole process of treatment, no matter whether it can be obviously seen, in order to create positive experience for all patients equally. Looking to the future, Bumrungrad International Hospital will continue to give patient care and patient safety standards high priority, will always be on the look-out for higher quality, with the ultimate goal to become a leading hospital with world-class safety standards. Ultimately, Bumrungrad International Hospital strongly believes in creating an allied network among parties as an approach towards sustainable development of public health service with a win-win strategy for all concerned. Aprincipal strategy initiated by Bumrungrad that has been proudly achieved is the development of a patient referral network. Bumrungrad International Hospital and a total of 51 allied hospitals nationwide, private and public hospitals as well as medical schools, have signed an MoU to join forces in providing seamless service for domestic patients via the referral network. Cooperation is also evident in the form of knowledge sharing and collaborative research. It is hoped that such alliance would enhance Thailand’s opportunity to have more representative hospitals playing a role in the region as well as in the world arena. This would strengthen the country’s medical system on the whole, and as such it will remain the hospital’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and opportunity filled future. Company: Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited Contact: Kaorop Wongprasert Address: 33 Sukhumvit 3 (Soi Nana Nua), Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Phone: +66 89797 2992 TBE18U06