Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018

16 APAC INSIDER / Thai Business Excellence 2018 , Best Casual Dining Experience - PathumWan & Culinary Excellence Award for Seafood Cuisine - Bangkok Peppery Thai Bistro offers a unique dining experience combining a casual atmosphere with fresh flavourful dishes to ensure that every diner is left coming back for more, as we find out whenwe profile this innovative establishment. Drawing on over eight years’ experience, today Peppery Thai Bistro is the only Thai Bistro in Bangkok that offers guest the best and freshest ingredients directly from local farmers’ and fish markets every day. The establishment’s experienced chefs celebrate the rich and various culinary cultures of all the regions in Thailand by offering delicious and fresh dishes daily. While the bistro is committed to preserving Thailand’s culinary cultures, the team also attempt to put a bit of modern touch in our presentation. This modern presentation creates more enjoyable dining experience as it allows for informality similar to the comfort of eating at home. Dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Papaya Salad, Shrimp Cakes, Grilled Whole Chicken, etc. are best sellers, whilst other items are regularly added to the menu to offer choice and variety. Most of these new menu items are focused on authentic Thai dishes with modern plate decoration. When making recommendations the team highlights tasty Thai dishes as well as a few international dishes that are well known to both the locals and the tourists. The restaurant boosts a full- service dining with abundant choices for food and drinks. Each item on the menu will be prepared by using the highest quality ingredients. Ingredients are delivered fresh and offered based on seasonal availability, which is crucial to the bistro’s success. Another highlight is the 5-meter high and square-shaped bar with super stylish decoration to offer services to customers and passers-by alike. Customers can order from a quick take-away menu at the bar if they feel like so. This is a very important factor as it allows for the convenience of customers. It also makes guests to feel relaxed and a bit of a getaway from the bustling crowd. Looking to the future, Peppery Thai Bistro will be seeking to continue offering exceptional fresh meals to its valued clients, with a view to welcoming even more guests over the months and years to come. TBE18003 Company: Peppery Thai Bistro Contact: Akarapong Dalodom Address: 991 Rama 1 Road, Ground Floor, Patumwan District, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand Phone: 006 91 440 7586 Website: