Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018

14 APAC INSIDER / Thai Business Excellence 2018 , Best Travel Management Company - 2018 Travel Click (Thailand) is private owned company providing awide range of travel management services to support its valued clients. We caught upwith Thun Chiradejnan from the firm to learnmore about the support it offers and how far the company has come since inception. Established in early 2004 by a group of experienced management team and experts who have vast experience throughout the travel-related industry, in areas including individual ticket, incentive group tour arrangement, car rental, visa application and hotel reservation, Travel Click is able to draw on this vast experience and provide its clients with support they need to have a relaxing and hassle- free holiday. Thun discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail and outlines how the company works to ensure excellence for every client. “At Travel Click, we are able to provide one-stop services and solutions focusing on multinational corporations. Our objective is to concentrate on delivering the state-of- the-art services with smooth operation and services for our sophisticated customers. With our wide- range of customer services, a professional and flexible range of financial offers, customized Management Information reports as well as high caliber staff in the areas, we are exceptionally confident that Travel Click will definitely be distinguished from traditional travel agencies in general. We have proudly attained and sustained the acceptable and high continual satisfaction from our clients with 24/ 7 services, self- ticket issuance, reissuance and rerouting services. By means of maintaining the point of deliberating more services, we are committed to delivering the services that not only meet our clients’ needs but also exceed their expectations.” An incredibly competitive market, the travel industry relies heavily on technology and exceptional customer service. These are two key areas in which Travel Click excels, as Thun is eager to emphasise. “Within the travel industry today clients have very high expectations, as it is very easy to take a trip, make a reservation, window-shop and then have someone issue tickets. Normally and traditionally, a traveller’s primary concern is the price of the trip, and this remains true, particularly for holidaymakers. However, it will definitely be entirely different for a corporation or a sophisticated enterprise that requires more than only price sensitivity. They need flexibility and exceptional client service, with easily reached staff to make changes or supports after tickets are issued, especially after working hours services. “Additionally, an assigned travel arranger or normally a secretary has to make so many phone calls to at least three or four travel agencies to quote a price with the same details. The travel agency quotes its selling price and then hopefully gets the business without knowing how flexible those air fares are. It is the same token of website of airlines that propose non-flexible option without providing the full details to clients immediately. What about the opportunity costs or losses when the secretary has to deal with such boring repeated circumstance? This is definitely one of hidden costs that someone hardly notices or analyses. “Another scenario is how to deal with numbers of staff within a corporation is very hard to monitor how effectively the travel policies are complied. Monitoring the travel expenditure is like a cloud in the sky that needs a reliable strategic partner to work with. Travel Click was established to accomplish the circumstances. We have perfectly blended our staff expertise with IT technology as well as know-how working/ operating platform to assist major corporations to overcome those challenges.” As a member of an incredibly competitive market, Travel Click will be looking to continue to adapt its service offering to build upon its current success moving forward, as Thun is proud to conclude. “Currently, Travel Click is fully equipped with technology with real time and online reservation and ticketing. To remain at the very cutting edge of the travel technology space, we are now developing self-automated web- based platform, which we hope to deliver to our customers in 2019. In addition, we have leveraged our strategic partners in countries such as Singapore, UK and USA to bridge our networks to ensure we can share the mutual benefits among members. This collaborative approach allows our clients to travel with confidence, and we look forward to supporting them and taking them on their journeys around the world for many years to come.” TBE18002