Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018

12 APAC INSIDER / Thai Business Excellence 2018 , Best Bioenergy Technology Provider & Award for Excellence in Biogas Systems Biotrix delivers tailor made anaerobic treatment systems designed specifically tomeet each individual customers’ needs. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Drawing on one of the longest track records in the region, the team at Biotrix provides biogas and waste management solutions on a turnkey, BOT or design basis from the smallest food waste plants to the largest industrial biogas plants in the world. The biogas technology provided by Biotrix Asia is based on more than 35 years’ experience of its founders, Dr Ulrike Leroff (Microbiologist), and Dr Stephen Etheridge (Chemical Engineer). Over the years, the team has undertaken projects in Europe, USA, Nigeria, Central America, S E Asia, working on a wide range of substrates using many different reactor designs. The founders’ early work, sponsored by the EU, was to determine the baseline parameters and subsequent optimisation for the digestion of a range of crop materials and animal wastes which has contributed to the vibrant market for farm based biogas plants which we see in Europe today. Later work, in the 1980s, focused on high solids substrates including food wastes and MSW and the development of lagoon bioreactors for low cost digester systems. The team subsequently worked on the largest UK farm waste digester and the largest industrial biogas plant for brewery waste. In recent years, the team has focused on China and SE Asia, and from its base in Bangkok, Biotrix has been awarded contracts to design, construct and commission biogas plants to treat wastes and effluents from the agro-industrial sectors including Tapioca Starch, Cassava Wet Cake, Ethanol, and Palm Oil, including the largest biogas plant in the world (222,000m 3 ). Biotrix has also designed one of the smallest commercial scale biogas systems, used to treat food waste, which is a growing global issue. The firm’s mission is to provide its clients with a ‘one stop shop’ service, encompassing a range of services from problem definition to solution. The Biotrix team are often found providing waste audits at small farms, undertaking laboratory studies on new or unknown substrates, or advising major corporations on renewable energy strategies. This is as well as providing full scale anaerobic treatment systems on a design only or full turnkey basis to factory owners or publicly quoted corporations. Biotrix’s clients also include local and national governments and financial institutions for feasibility and planning studies and, as part of the various exhibitions the company attends, the principals often give presentations and formal training sessions across the region. What differentiates the firm from its competitors is the fact that Biotrix comprises a small team which is technically highly specialised, and this dedicated team are the actual designers of the biogas plants innovating new solutions for the customers’ latest challenges. Critically, the team comprises both scientists and engineers, with a strong track record in Research and Development. Biotrix is more than just a specialist construction company or an agent for other company’s equipment, like so many of its competitors, making the firm an ideal solutions provider. Ultimately, Biotrix is always pushing back the boundaries and providing innovative solutions to the latest challenges the customer can offer. Currently, the team are looking at using lagoon systems for higher solids wastes; using existing technologies with some innovations to a range of new substrates; offering its services at no cost to NGOs as well as developing very small systems to help refugee situations for energy and disease control. This broad range of activities provides Biotrix with many exciting opportunities as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. Company: Biotrix Asia Company Limited Contact: Dr Stephen P Etheridge Address: 226/19 First Floor, Pattanakarn Road, Prawet, Bangkok, 10250 Thailand Phone: 0066 2 026 1250 Email: [email protected] Website: TBE18004