Thai Business Excellence Awards 2018

10 APAC INSIDER / Thai Business Excellence 2018 , HEMINGWAY’S COOKE Apart from being a restaurant, Hemingway’s also provides Thai cook Thai food in the most beautiful rustic beachside setting. Our wonderful Best Beachfront Seafood Restaurant - Koh Samui Hemingway’s on the Beach is a stunning beachfront Seafood Restaurant on the Island of Koh Samui, Thailand where the owners are passionate about sharing both their fresh seafood and their beautiful romantic seafront ‘Beach Shack’ setting with its equally passionate, romantic food loving guests. We invited Joint Owners and Founders TimFoster and Jaa Supamittanont to share some of the secrets behind theirMulti AwardWinning Restaurants phenomenal success. With views to die for over the azure waters surrounding the Island of Koh Samui and across to the mainland of Thailand, Hemingway’s on the Beach has fast become the islands most romantic, scenic dining getaway and prides itself on offering some of the freshest seafood, meats and vegetables you are ever likely to experience. Designed from the beginning to be ‘the’ romantic beach front dining retreat that holidaymakers visiting Koh Samui are hoping to find, this exceptional eatery lives up to its reputation. Tim explains how they came to create the concept when he and his wife, Executive Chef Jaa previously visited the Island on holiday. “When Jaa and I first came to Samui three years ago we expected to find hundreds of super ‘Fresh Seafood Beach Shack’ style restaurants dotted all around the Island. We were surprised and saddened when we discovered that although Koh Samui was an island full of ‘Restaurants’ there were almost no romantic Fresh Seafood Beach Shack style Restaurants left and yet the Island was surrounded by waters full of mouth-watering fresh Seafood! Somehow, we felt this didn’t seem right and sadly it did have an adverse effect on how much we enjoyed our holiday overall. After Jaa and I returned home we talked about how wonderful our holiday was and concluded that the only thing that was disappointing had been the search for that illusive ‘Romantic Fresh Seafood Beach Shack’. This played on our minds and after many conversations and soul searching six months later Jaa and I decided to return to Koh Samui to create what we felt had been missing for us and possibly other romantic food loving visitors to the Island. Since the day we arrived back on Samui Jaa and I have worked tirelessly to create the dining experience we spent 2 weeks searching to find and winning this Award tells Jaa and myself that we were right to follow our passion and believe in our senses.” If it’s something you believe in and nobody else has created it then sometimes you have to step forward and do it yourself.... We TBE18005