African Excellence Awards 2023

African Excellence Awards 2023 Best Vehicle Insurance Solutions Provider 2023 - Mozambique Headquartered at Avenida Mao-Tsé-Tung in Maputo City, Palma Companhia de Seguros SA., also known as Palma Seguros, is a fully licenced financial service provider incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Mozambique. As a recently established business on the insurance market, the company believes that its mission, vision, and values will help it reach its goals. Through its extensive range of insurance products related to vehicles, property, travel, and more, Palma Seguros aims to provide clients with financial protection and peace of mind. By offering affordable prices, its goal is to ensure that more people in Mozambique are able to access insurance and protect their assets. In Africa, businesses and individuals face a multitude of risks due to economic, political, and social factors. Insurance plays a vital role in managing these risks. By providing security and peace of mind through its offerings, Palma Seguros enhances the ability of African businesses to survive through unforeseen events or disasters. This contributes towards the continuity of economic activities and job creation. It also supports the overall economic health of the region. Palma Seguros understands that every business has unique challenges to face. For this reason, it strives to provide flexible and personalised solutions so that it can help its clients in any situation. In addition, to cater to a wide variety of businesses, the firm provides a range of products and services that cover a large number of industries. Operating within a dynamic and competitive market, Palma Seguros stands out from other insurance companies because of its innovative products as well as its impressive ability to swiftly and effectively respond to the ever-evolving needs of its clients. Thanks to its strong commitment to keeping ahead of industry advancements, Palma Seguros provides clients with cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to their modern challenges. The company’s forwardthinking approach enables it to anticipate any emerging risks and create proactive strategies in order to safeguard clients’ interests. This is crucial in the context of Africa’s emerging markets. By addressing specific challenges for businesses, the company contributes towards the continent’s overall economic progress. Every decision Palma Seguros makes is driven by its commitment to the success of its clients. By leveraging its innovative abilities, Palma Seguros is able to design custom solutions to address their unique needs. In this, it maintains an unparalleled level of agility, swiftly adapting to new circumstances by adopting the latest technological advancements or adjusting its offerings to match changes in demands. The company’s rapid responses enable it to provide clients with support when they need it most. Internally, Palma Seguros is equipped with processes that are designed to maximise efficiency without compromising quality, enabling the company to respond promptly to enquiries, claims, and requests. This fosters an unmatched level of customer satisfaction. In addition, Palma Seguros is committed to delivering excellence on all levels in order to exceed its clients’ expectations. The culture of its team is deeply rooted in this commitment to quality. The firm believes that a strong company culture is the cornerstone of delivering the exceptional standard of service it is known for. As it grows, Palma Seguros works hard to maintain an inclusive and collaborative work environment to ensure that ideas are welcome from all levels of the organisation. To foster this sense of teamwork, it organises regular team building activities, workshops, and company-wide events. This strengthens interpersonal relationships whilst reinforcing the team’s shared sense of purpose and values. Furthermore, to ensure that its staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients, Palma Seguros provides them with plenty of opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. The firm invests in training programmes that cover not only technical knowledge but also key skills such as communication, problem solving, and understanding clients’ needs. In this, every team member is empowered to deliver personalised proactive solutions, reinforcing the client-centric nature of the company’s culture. In hiring new talent, Palma Seguros is driven by the goal of building a highperforming team that aligns with its culture as well as its core values of innovation, sensitivity, authenticity, professionalism, and reliability. It seeks individuals who meet this requirement and possess key skill sets that will contribute towards the company’s growth and standard of service. The candidate selection process at Palma Seguros consists of multiple stages, including interviews, assessments, and reference checks. This ensures that it can make properly informed hiring decisions and choose the most suitable person for the job. In order to attract top candidates seeking long-term prospects, Palma Seguros offers competitive compensation packages and showcases its commitment to personal growth and career advancement. Leveraging a diverse range of recruitment channels, the company aims to reach a wide pool of potential candidates who are from a variety of backgrounds. This increases its chances of finding the best talent to fill its vacancies. As a result of the exceptional standard of service it delivers, Palma Seguros has been awarded Best Vehicle Insurance Solutions Provider, Mozambique, in the African Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate the firm on this impressive achievement and look forward to seeing how its future unfolds. In the coming year and beyond, Palma Seguros plans to launch a countrywide travel insurance product, introduce enhanced motor insurance frills to its